12th fail movie age rating/limit; Watch the true story of IPS with all your family and friends. There is no issue of age limit.

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12th Fail movie was released in Indian theatres on 27 October 2023, It is available to watch in multiple languages, the main language of which is available to watch in Hindi language and the dubbing language is available in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, although it is The film is based on the story of a child who is very poor in the beginning.

And how he became an IPS by working very hard how he has to struggle a lot and how a child raised from the ground level gets promoted to the post of a senior officer. According to this, it is completely based on the true story of a boy in Chambal village.

And he does farming and then his dream is to become an IPS. He had failed in the 12th class but later on, he got a much bigger position. On this basis, we get to see the story.

However, if we talk about the age limit, then here it is a completely educational film to watch and a passion for reading and writing is also seen awakening in you, which can be enjoyed with the entire family including children. There is nothing wrong with watching a movie

12th fail movie age rating/limit

The certificate of 12th Fall Movie has been given by the Indian censer Board, which means unrestricted, which means there is no restriction of any kind in this movie, which you can enjoy with your entire family, friends and children. You get to watch a movie with a great educational story

However, under this certificate, you can get to see education, family drama, romance, sci-fi and action within the film, but things like romance, action and violence cannot last for a long time, although it may last for some time. You may get to watch it but only the same normal ones, you will get to watch it for a very short time, so there is no restriction of any kind to watch this film, it is completely unrestricted.

Watch the true story of IPS with all your family and friends. There is no issue of age limit.

A film has been prepared based on the true story of IPS, which can be watched by the family with children and friends, in which you get to see something like educational family drama, apart from this, a struggling boy is going to be seen in the same. The entire film has been prepared on this basis, although the director says that this film is completely based on the true story.

This has been presented to the people in such a way that it has been successful in making good money at the box office collection, although in the film you also get to see some moments of romance where his girlfriend leaves him. Is

When he fails and then after he works hard after later on gets attracted to a higher position. Talking about the movie then watch this movie with a running time of 2 hours 27 minutes. Its star cast includes Vikrant Massey, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Anant Joshi, Anshuman Pushkar, Harish Khanna, Sanjay Bishnoi, Sukumar Tudu, Medha Shankar, Suraj Naagar and the film is directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The film’s cinema photography is directed by Rangarajan Ramabadran.

The production company of this film has been worked by Vinod Chopra Films, Zee Studios. However, this film has been a hit on the box office collection and here is the IPS on the basis of this, you can watch the full film to get this post. However, this film will prove to be educational for those who are preparing for all these posts, hence no restriction has been imposed by the government on this film. Is

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