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Another film has been released for the impression of children, which completely shows the journey of becoming an IAS, how a middle class and a poor family becomes like this and then later on, for the country. It works well as it is seen that Vikas Divyakirti is seen speaking in all the short clips and the story line shown in it.

He has been completely shown once on the failed child which is the story of Anurag Pathak, however inside this film you will find Vikrant Massey acting as Manoj Sharma whose acting is completely number one to watch. is available for

However, the film has been directed by its director Vidhu Vinod Chopra, under whose direction the film has become the best film altogether. If you are preparing for this and IPS film, then you can definitely watch this film because it is a complete film. In a way, it is a biographical film and the story given in it is set in the present times.

Through Direct, we get to see in great detail what tortures one has to face to become an IPS and UPS, due to which this story will give you a different kind of motivation and boost to the film. 27 October 2023 has been released in theaters which you can definitely watch.

movie name; 12th Fail

release date; 27 october 2023

duretion; 147 mint

watch or not; must watch movie for student & parents

Based on; Twelfth Fail (novel) by Anurag Pathak

rating; 3.5/4

12th Fail movie review

If we review Nikhil movie in one line, then it is a completely master piece movie which Indians must watch, especially those poor and middle class people who feel that there is nothing for them in life. And he can’t do anything because it shows a different kind of passion

Due to which anyone can open their eyes after watching, this is a completely biographical film in which Vidhu Vinod Chopra tells the story of Anurag Pathak who failed in 12th and how he later passed this and IPS level exams. Due to which, what tortures they had to face and how they moved ahead while facing the problems, all this gets to be seen.

Should one watch 12th Fail movie or not?

If we talk about whether the 12th film should be watched or not, then here you should definitely watch this film. If you are a student or you are living a family life, your children are studying, then this film is for them too. It is very important for children and their parents that this story will give you a different perspective of living life and seeing things which seems to show that nothing is possible.

12th Fail movie storyline and bgm

The story line and background music of the movie 12th Fall is absolutely amazing to watch. The story line is a biography film whose story is completely based on a true incident where a child named Manoj Sharma is there. Lives in a Chambal village and has a lot of farming and other things there.

He belongs to a poor family and from there his mother awakens the dream of becoming an IPS, due to which he somehow comes to Delhi after a few days to study and then has to face many problems there and has to bear many memories. Later, the film has been prepared on the basis of ‘How does IPS become an IPS’, with which the background music seems to add a different kind of passion to the film.

12th Fail movie rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The rating of 12th Fall movie is given 3.5 by Movie Value, out of which everything from the background music of the film is completely accident watching, in between you get to watch a little bit of romance which is It slows down the story a bit due to which its rating gets cut so much, however, the film compensates for it later on.

12th Fail movie IMDb rating

The IMDb rating of 12th Fall Movie has not been specified yet. When people go there, they will give a rating. After that, you get to see the IMDb rating. If we look at the average, then it can be an average IMDb rating that when people go there, If it is also provided then the IMDb rating will be somewhere between 5 and 8 which will be out of 10.

12th Fail movie trailer

12th Fail movie for the last word

If we talk about the last words about the movie 12th Fall, then this movie is completely a motivational and worth watching based on the journey of poor children and it shows how much passion a person has to do anything. Have courage, however, I would definitely recommend this film to those people who study and their parents who teach their children, those parents should also definitely watch the film.

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