60 Minutes 2024 Netflix Movie Review; A father will go to any lengths for his little girl

This weekend, Netflix introduces the German-produced action thriller, “60 Minutes,” a high-stakes narrative that unfolds in real-time. The film follows the intense journey of Octavio, an MMA fighter portrayed by Emilio Sakraya, as he faces a daunting challenge: reaching his daughter’s birthday party within an hour to secure custody, all while navigating the pitfalls of his tumultuous life.

Plot Overview

Clocking in at just under 90 minutes, “60 Minutes” immerses viewers in the chaotic world of Octavio, a devoted father grappling with the intricacies of custody battles and the demands of a looming MMA bout. The film effectively combines the urgency of Octavio’s personal life with the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the MMA arena.

Character Introduction

Emilio Sakraya’s portrayal of Octavio brings depth to the character, capturing the audience’s empathy as he strives to balance the demands of his profession with his role as a father. The film expertly delves into Octavio’s psyche, emphasizing the emotional turmoil and resilience required to navigate a day fraught with challenges.

60 Minutes 2024 Netflix Movie Review

“60 Minutes,” the 2024 Netflix action thriller, presents a riveting narrative that seamlessly blends heart-pounding suspense with the raw intensity of mixed martial arts. Emilio Sakraya’s portrayal of Octavio, an MMA fighter racing against time to secure custody of his daughter, infuses the film with emotional depth and a compelling urgency. Director Oliver Kienle’s adept use of real-time storytelling,

coupled with cinematic techniques such as a countdown stopwatch and a visually vibrant Berlin backdrop, adds a unique layer to the viewing experience. While the film’s fast-paced action, reminiscent of John Wick, occasionally falters in the third act, its exploration of fatherhood, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of love elevates “60 Minutes” beyond a mere adrenaline-fueled spectacle. Overall, this 2024 Netflix release captivates audiences with its resonant themes and delivers a tense, emotionally charged journey that lingers well after the credits roll.

Setting the Stage

“60 Minutes” skillfully establishes the narrative stakes by immersing viewers in Octavio’s pre-fight preparations and the chaotic drive to the MMA arena. The omnipresent Bluetooth earpiece serves as a symbol of Octavio’s need for quick communication amid the turbulence of his life.

Plot Unfolding

The film takes a dramatic turn as Octavio receives a phone call from his ex, revealing her intent to seek sole custody of their daughter. The ultimatum – an hour to negotiate a parenting plan or risk losing custody altogether – prompts Octavio to make a pivotal decision. Leaving the arena, he sets a timer, initiating the race against time that propels the story forward.

Pursuit and Subplots

As Octavio embarks on his time-sensitive journey, the plot thickens with the introduction of gangster-like characters seeking revenge over a rigged fight. This subplot not only heightens the tension but also adds layers of complexity to Octavio’s mission, creating a multi-faceted narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Intense Sequences

“60 Minutes” excels in delivering sequences that evoke visceral reactions from the audience. Octavio’s quest to secure his daughter’s future is fraught with peril as he battles not only the clock but also the relentless pursuit of German gangsters. These sequences, infused with high-octane action, underscore the lengths to which a father is willing to go for the sake of his child.

Cinematic Techniques

Director Oliver Kienle employs various cinematic techniques to enhance the storytelling experience. Post-production graphics, including a countdown stopwatch and a map tracking Octavio’s progress, effectively convey the urgency of the narrative. While the film’s time constraints contribute to the suspense, the rapid transition from day to night may raise questions about the movie’s adherence to realistic timelines.

Berlin as a Backdrop

“60 Minutes” showcases Berlin as a vibrant and visually appealing backdrop. The film utilizes color to capture the essence of the city, presenting it as a cool and dynamic environment that mirrors Octavio’s tumultuous journey. The juxtaposition of the cityscape and the world of mixed martial arts adds depth to the narrative.

Action and Emotion

The film successfully strikes a balance between emotional depth and high-octane action. Drawing inspiration from films like John Wick, the fight scenes contribute to the overall intensity of the narrative. However, some punches in the third act may not land as effectively, creating moments that might slightly detract from the film’s overall impact.\


In conclusion, “60 Minutes” emerges as a riveting cinematic experience that captivates audiences from start to finish. Despite minor inconsistencies in time portrayal and action sequences, the film excels in crafting a narrative that explores the complexities of fatherhood, personal sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of one’s goals. Emilio Sakraya’s compelling performance, coupled with Oliver Kienle’s directorial finesse, elevates “60 Minutes” beyond its genre constraints.

As viewers accompany Octavio on his race against time, they are not only treated to heart-pounding action but also a poignant exploration of the lengths a father will go to secure the well-being of his child. The real-time format adds an extra layer of tension, keeping the audience engaged as they witness Octavio’s unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

While “60 Minutes” may draw comparisons to films like Run Lola Run and Good Time, it manages to carve out its own identity, offering a unique blend of emotion, action, and suspense. As the film unfolds, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride through the streets of Berlin, experiencing the highs and lows of Octavio’s tumultuous journey.

In the end, “60 Minutes” leaves audiences with a sense of satisfaction, having delivered a gripping narrative that explores the profound connections between a father and his child. Despite its minor flaws, the film succeeds in immersing viewers in a world where every second counts, and the pursuit of love and family takes center stage.


Q1: What is “60 Minutes” about?

A1: “60 Minutes” is a 2024 Netflix action thriller that follows Octavio, an MMA fighter portrayed by Emilio Sakraya. Facing a custody battle and a crucial MMA bout, Octavio must navigate the streets of Berlin within an hour to reach his daughter’s birthday party and secure custody.

Q2: Who is the main actor in “60 Minutes”?

A2: Emilio Sakraya takes on the lead role of Octavio in “60 Minutes.” His compelling performance brings depth and emotion to the character, making him a central figure in the film’s narrative.

Q3: How does the real-time aspect contribute to the film?

A3: The film unfolds in real-time, adding a sense of urgency to Octavio’s race against the clock. The use of a countdown stopwatch and a map tracking his progress enhances the tension, immersing viewers in the immediacy of the narrative.

Q4: Is “60 Minutes” only focused on action, or does it explore deeper themes?

A4: While “60 Minutes” delivers high-octane action, it also delves into themes of fatherhood, sacrifice, and the lengths one is willing to go for their child. The film successfully balances intense sequences with emotional resonance.

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