Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update

Anupam 10th December 2023 written update will be told here, which was written very well here. While telling the update, you will also be told what will be seen tomorrow, it is seen that today’s episode starts with Malti Devi. who tells Anupam that she is coming forward about some fact that she wants to exploit his son there. Anupam reminds Malti Devi that it is she who has made Anuj her son.

And he is the husband of Malti Devi before becoming her son. Malti Devi is shocked to hear such a thing from Anupama whereas Anupam remains there to see her ready to go to any extent to get what she wants which leads to Anu also gets involved in this matter. Barkha asks Anupama if Anuj knows how she behaves behind her back. Then Anuj enters and says that Anuj has not done anything behind her back. have to say

That she is the one who suggested Anupam to warn them directly while Anupam wants to do it more formally. Later Pakhi is with some of her friends. She comes to the dance event and Dimpy is seen meeting Titu. Due to which she calls Vanraj there so that Dimpy can be insulted in front of her. Vanraj comes.

And accuses Dimpy of lying and behaving rudely with Titu U while Pakhi asks them to meet in the hotel room. As Titu asks Pakhi to shut up she gets angry and slaps her face but Anupam comes to save Dimpy and Titu and stands against them state.

Will Anupam be able to change Vanraj’s attitude towards Dimpy or not? To know how Dimpy will be able to live her life with so many restrictions, you will have to watch the full Anupam serial which will be available to watch on

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