Anupama 9th December 2023 Written Update

Anupam serial which is running for a long time, it is seen that this serial 9th ​​December 2023 episode starts with Pakhi telling Vanraj that Dimpy is lying about her friend as she has to go somewhere else. What Dimpy needs is that everyone is not like her and that she has no bad intentions. She doesn’t need to prove it to Pakhi at least. Pakhi is sure that Dimpy is going to meet Toot.

Due to which Dimpy gets a little nervous and it is true but no one trusts his intentions and will doubt her picture again. Dimpy remains that she has to meet her friends and Vanraj agrees. After this Dimpy sends a text to Titu. Toot says that Dimpy doesn’t need to feel guilty as there is nothing wrong or inappropriate in what she is doing. Seeing this gives Dimpy confidence.

That she decides to inform Anupam because at least she will understand Dimpy’s intentions without telling her. If you get to see the written update of Anupam serial completely then stay with us because this serial. To watch the full episode of Anupam Hindi serial, go to to watch the episode of 9th December 2023.

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