Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahi Hindi serial is available to watch very well. Baatein Kuch Ankahi serial has been running for a long time, while the episode of 10th December 2023 starts with Vandana and Kunal going back home. . Kunal asks Vandana to join him in his house for some time so that he can spend time with Tara

And to take your mind off everything that happened earlier that day. A few minutes later, both Vandana and Kunal reach her house where Tara hugs both of them while Bobby tells them that he has a huge surprise for them. Tara also says that she has no bigger surprise than this for Kunal. Kunal and Vandana look at each other in confusion

But then they are shocked to see Kuldeep coming towards them smiling. Kunal freezes as he was not expecting to see his father after what happened last time, while Vandana stands there remembering old memories related to Kunal’s father. What are Kuldeep’s intentions with Kunal and Vandana and how is he going to spoil their relationship?

Will Mrinal and Sonia realize that they have made a mistake? If you want to download and watch the serial Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si, then visit to download all the episodes of 10th December 2023 and watch it online.

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