Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 Written Update

As per the latest spoiler in Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si 12th December 2023 written update, the episode starts with the passage of 6 months and Bandana is seen happily opening the window of Vandana Niwas thinking that Kunal has come to visit her after such a long time. He is returning home, he must give him a proper welcome, in the middle of which we get to see that Pammi starts saying to herself that no matter what happens, she will never let Kunal marry Vandana, this is what she says in her mind. The mind was thinking and all their plans went completely wrong while getting to see

What gets seen differently here is that Mrinal tells Anagha that she believes that Vandana is going to make a fool of herself because Kunal has not called her at all for a very long time and yet she believes that That he will definitely marry her as soon as he returns, due to this it is seen that Vandana comes out of the residence and both Vaibhav and Vandana stand there to finalize their divorce, on which it is seen.

Vaibhav says that it is good that they have separated but they can be friends with each other, on which Bandana starts saying that from now on she does not want anything to do with him at all and She silently walks away from there with a devious expression while Vaibhav is seen giving a much more serious smile.

And he keeps watching her leaving and also gives her a flying kiss which is a sign of his love. Later it is shown that Vandana reaches Kunal to pick him up and he looks at her as if he has seen her. They keep looking at each other but as soon as he moves towards her she immediately stumbles

And starts laughing, on which we get to see that there will be a lot of big suspense to be seen in the upcoming episode, however, this episode will end here, what will be seen next is whether Kunal and Tara’s marriage will give Kuldeep some trouble. There may also be objection whether Vaibhav is planning any big plan against Vandana, will it be available to watch on which will be uploaded on 12th December 2023 only?

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