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“Baaghin,” an upcoming fantasy drama slated to premiere on Star Bharat, has generated significant anticipation following the release of an intriguing promotional video. Scheduled to debut on February 5, 2024, at 9 PM, the show promises to bring a novel concept to the fantasy drama genre. The title itself, meaning Tigress, hints at a unique narrative centered around a shape-shifting tigress seeking vengeance for past grievances. With a stellar cast, including Aneri Vajani, Zeeshan Khan, and Ansh Bagri, “Baaghin” aims to captivate audiences with its fresh storyline and talented ensemble.

Baaghin Plot/Story

The core of “Baaghin” revolves around a shape-shifting tigress on a quest for revenge. The intriguing promo suggests that the tigress has undergone reincarnation as a human to rectify the wrongs inflicted upon her in a previous life. The narrative introduces the compelling idea that a tigress never forgets a person once seen and responds when called. The plot takes a riveting turn as the tigress, now in human form, confronts those responsible for her plight. The promo leaves much unsaid, strategically fueling curiosity about the tigress’s true motives and the alliances and conflicts she will encounter in her journey.

Hindi Titleबाघिन
Release Date5th February 2024
End DateTo Be Announced (TBA)
Telecast DaysMonday – Friday
Telecast Timings9:00 PM
ChannelStar Bharat
OTT PlatformDisney+Hotstar
Production CompanyTBA
Lead CastAneri Vajani, Zeeshan Khan, Ansh Bagri, Krrip Kapur Suri
Plot OverviewA shape-shifter tigress seeks revenge after reincarnation

The story unfolds mysteries, challenges, and alliances in her journey.
TRP ExpectationsStar Bharat’s effort to boost TRP with a unique genre and fresh cast.
Initial episodes crucial for success.
Promotional MaterialTeasers and trailers available on social media and Disney+Hotstar.
Social MediaFollow official handles for updates, spoilers, and behind-the-scenes content.
International AccessAvailability for international viewers on official streaming platforms.
ControversiesNo reported controversies as of the last update (January 2022)

Baaghin Cast

The show boasts a talented ensemble cast, with Aneri Vajani leading the pack in the challenging role of Baaghin. Her previous roles, particularly in “Anupamaa,” showcase her acting prowess and set high expectations for her portrayal of this unique character. Zeeshan Khan, known for his diverse roles in various projects, adds depth as the male lead. Ansh Bagri, with previous experiences in shows like “Love Ka Panga,” brings his own flavor to the cast. Krrip Kapur Suri’s inclusion further enhances the show’s appeal, promising a diverse and dynamic ensemble.

  • Aneri Vajani: A seasoned actress, Aneri Vajani has demonstrated her versatility in various roles, and her entrance into the world of “Baaghin” is highly anticipated.
  • Zeeshan Khan: With a track record of commendable performances, Zeeshan Khan’s role in “Baaghin” adds credibility and intrigue.
  • Ansh Bagri: Having intrigued audiences in previous shows, Ansh Bagri’s inclusion is sure to contribute to the show’s diverse narrative.
  • Krrip Kapur Suri: Known for his charismatic presence, Krrip Kapur Suri’s role is expected to be a valuable addition to the ensemble.

Baaghin Promo/Teaser/Trailer

The promotional material released by Star Bharat has successfully ignited interest in “Baaghin.” The teaser offers glimpses of a mysterious jungle setting, featuring a girl and a boy surrounded by ominous goons. The revelation that the girl is, indeed, Baaghin leaves the audience with numerous questions about the plot. The promo is artfully crafted to maintain suspense, leaving viewers eager to explore Baaghin’s motives and the challenges she will face in her transformative journey. The visual elements and the cryptic storyline showcased in the promo promise an immersive viewing experience.

Baaghin TRP Ratings Expectations

“Baaghin” is strategically positioned as Star Bharat’s effort to boost its TRP, especially considering the channel’s recent serials have not achieved significant popularity in terms of ratings. The unique blend of fantasy and mystery, coupled with the introduction of a fresh cast pairing, has raised expectations among the makers. However, the fate of the show hinges on its initial episodes, given Star Bharat’s historical struggle to secure high TRP ratings. The success of “Baaghin” in the TRP race will be closely monitored, considering the channel’s historical performance in this aspect. The intriguing plot and the ensemble cast may prove to be the winning formula, but only time will tell if it resonates with the audience.


As “Baaghin” prepares to make its debut on Star Bharat, the anticipation among viewers is palpable. The show holds the promise of a riveting fantasy drama with a unique storyline and a stellar cast. The first few episodes will play a crucial role in determining the trajectory of the show, as it competes in the dynamic landscape of television dramas. With elements like a fresh concept, a talented cast, and a mysterious plot, “Baaghin” has the potential to stand out. Viewers eagerly await the premiere, eager to unravel the mysteries that “Baaghin” promises to unfold and hoping for a compelling addition to the world of Indian television.


What is “Baaghin” on Star Bharat about?

“Baaghin” is a fantasy drama that revolves around the story of a shape-shifting tigress seeking revenge for past grievances. Reincarnated as a human, the titular character, Baaghin, embarks on a journey to confront those responsible for her losses.

When does “Baaghin” premiere?

“Baaghin” is scheduled to premiere on Star Bharat on February 5, 2024, at 9 PM.

Who are the lead actors in “Baaghin”?

The show features Aneri Vajani in the titular role of Baaghin, alongside Zeeshan Khan, who plays the male lead. Ansh Bagri and Krrip Kapur Suri also play important roles in the ensemble cast.

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