Barsatein 12th December 2023 Written Update

Barsaat serial which has been running for a long time, it is seen that today this serial has reached this point that it starts on 12th December 2023, which is available to watch very well, where it starts with Varun talking to Neeta and others. Informing people that Jai has been shot by Kriti. Reyansh is surprised because he did not see this happening,

While Aradhana looks at Reyansh with hatred as she blames him for the accident. Neeta starts crying while Varun tries to calm her down, then he asks her to control herself as they have to go and help Jai. Before anyone notices, Reyansh has already left to help Jai, which surprises Aradhana.

Did he not know that Kriti was doing this? Reyansh reaches Jai and holds his face in his hands saying that now that he is here he will be fine. He helps Jai into his car and takes him straight to the hospital while Jai remains unconscious. Aradhana And others also reach the hospital where Aradhana sees Reyansh with teary eyes.

She goes to him and tells him that today his obsession took the life of his best friend. Does Renaash realize his mistake or is he still intent on marrying Aradhana? Why did Kriti shoot Jai and where is she now?

So tell us right there that the written update of today’s Barsaat serial is finished and when it will be uploaded, more will be written later to download the episode of Barsaat Hindi serial and to watch today’s full episode online. To watch the serial of 12th December 2023, visit Sony

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