Bhagya Lakshmi 11th December 2023 Written Update

Bhagyalakshmi serial which runs for a long time, it is seen that the serial of Bhagya Lakshmi starts today 11th December 2023 episode with Shalu coming out of the board because Ayush left long ago. She is unable to find him anywhere and decides to search for Lakshmi however she is unable to find him either and later finds Ayush in Lakshmi’s room.

And tries to open the door but fails. It is then seen that she calls Rishi and tells him that Lakshmi has run away while she and Ayush are stuck there. Rishi gets restless and then it is seen that he himself Rishi decides to come inside while the security guards stop him. Rishi beats the security guards to get him to let him in. Meanwhile Lakshmi’s nurse sees Lakshmi who is now off board.

And runs in his direction. Coming back home, Sonal asks Malishka why the devious policy is going on in her mind to which Malishka replies that this is the end game of their story. What conspiracy is hatching in Malishka’s mind? Is the nurse? Will she be able to catch Lakshmi or not?

So you can also watch it very well, that is, stay with us to watch all the serials of Bhagyalakshmi and there it is seen that the beginning of this episode is very well, you also get to watch it on zee5. Go to .com to view

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