Bhagya Lakshmi 12th December 2023 Written Update

Bhagyalakshmi serial which has been running for a long time, let us tell you that the writing of this Bhagwat Lakshmi 12 December 2023 Update is very good, so this serial started with the doctor trying to stop Lakshmi. Just then, suddenly hearing the sound of thunder, Lakshmi stopped her attacks and both she and the doctor quickly turned towards the door. The doctor is alarmed by someone breaking into the asylum and takes steps to investigate, while Lakshmi takes advantage of the opportunity.

And runs away somewhere to hide. Elsewhere, Malishka decides to call the doctor, asking him about Lakshmi’s whereabouts and threatening him with consequences if he loses hold of Lakshmi. Meanwhile, the doctor is stunned as he does not find Lakshmi anywhere but he lies to Malishka that he will not let Lakshmi escape. Elsewhere, Shalu locates Lakshmi and assures her that she is a friend,

And gains Lakshmi’s trust by assuring her that he is there to save her. At home, Harleen prays to God for Rishi and Lakshmi’s safety. Shalu attempts to escape the asylum with Lakshmi, but the Doctor catches them as he grabs Lakshmi by the neck, attempting to strangle her, while Shalu desperately tries to stop him from harming Lakshmi. However, just then Rishi opens the door with a loud noise, which worries the doctor. If you want to watch Bhagyalakshmi serial then you can watch this serial very well. To watch full episode watch online of Bhag Lakshmi Hindi serial go to

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