Bigg Boss 17 10th December 2023 Written Update

What makes Bigg Boss season 17 a great watch to watch is that the episode starts with the contestants interacting with Aura, talking about her lifestyle while she is Try to communicate in Hindi. Ara attracts everyone’s attention with its charming and charming expression which everyone finds interesting in it.

However, amidst the attraction, Abhi shows little or no inclination to connect or interact with her. Frustrated with what Salman discussed earlier, Abhi chooses to sit alone in the garden area while the rest enjoy inside the house. The next morning, Bigg Boss welcomes everyone with the anthem, which fills the contestants with a new wave of excitement. Aura takes the lead in dancing to the song, mesmerizing Mannara, Isha and others with her moves

And receives compliments for his adorable dance. Meanwhile, Samarth pulls Aura aside and suggests wearing a towel, engaging in a playful act where they both mimic feminine behavior and dance together. Their antics entertain the rest of the group, and in the process, Samarth takes the opportunity to teach Aura some Hindi.

Elsewhere, Arun and Vicky get into an argument as Arun asks Vicky to do his work while Vicky refuses as he is on leave. Similarly, you get to watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss right there. If you want to read the written update of Bigg Boss Season 17 episode in Hindi and if you also want to watch this serial online on 10 December 2023, then go to Jio

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