Bigg Boss 17 11th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss serial which has been running for a long time, let us tell you that its season 17 is available to watch i.e. Bigg Boss Season 17, the episode starts on 11th December 2023 with the contestants waking up in enthusiasm, on BB. Samarth and Munawwar learn some dance moves to Aura and happily join in and dance with the rest of the group. After time, Abhi goes to wash utensils for his work

Just then Vicky makes a comment about him, which makes him agitated as he asks Vicky not to quarrel with him unnecessarily. However, Vicky keeps questioning Abhi’s duties and calls him lazy, in response to which Abhi has to raise his voice. Abhi calls Vicky a 40 year old man and asks him not to lecture her, while Vicky embarrasses Abhi in a debate.

In the garden area, Aora practices yoga with Neil and Aishwarya to escape from reality while the housemates continue to fight. Later, BB announces the nomination task, prompting the housemates to explain it to Aara. Samarth enters the confession room and nominates Abhi due to his recent bad behavior and constant game patterns with Vicky.

Aara then nominates Khanzadi as she wants to leave the house. Abhi nominates Vicky citing the reason for his nomination as Vicky’s necessary celebration so if you want to get more information about the written updates of Bigg Boss then you have to go to Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi All Episode Watch Online. To watch the December 11 episode of Auto online, visit Jio

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