Bigg Boss 17 20th January 2024 Written Update

The 20th January 2024 episode of Bigg Boss 17 sets the stage for intense emotions and suspense as contestants brace themselves for an unexpected twist. The air is thick with anticipation as Ankita, Vicky, Isha, and Ayesha learn that one of them will face elimination based on the votes cast by the live audience.

Mannara’s Amusement

The episode kicks off with Mannara, one of the contestants, expressing her amusement at the unfolding events. She finds joy in the unique setup of the eviction process, emphasizing the authenticity of the audience’s opinions. Her laughter sets a tone for the unfolding drama, hinting at the rollercoaster emotions the contestants are about to experience.

Audience Participation

The heart of the episode lies in the active participation of the audience. Viewers ready themselves to cast their votes, contributing to the element of unpredictability that defines reality television. The sealed box containing these crucial votes becomes a symbolic container of fate, holding the destiny of the nominated contestants.

Dramatic Complaints

Amidst the tension, Ankita takes center stage with her dramatic complaints. She voices her displeasure regarding Munawar’s comments about her and Vicky in front of the entire house. While Ankita appears deeply affected, some of her fellow contestants urge her to dial down the theatrics, reminding her that the comments were made during a roast session meant for entertainment rather than personal attacks.

Results Calculations

As the votes are cast, the episode takes a brief interlude to showcase the behind-the-scenes calculations. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the outcome that will determine the fate of one contestant. The tension builds as the production team meticulously tallies the votes, creating a sense of anticipation that resonates with the viewers.

Gathering for the Announcement

Bigg Boss intervenes, instructing all contestants to gather in the garden area for the momentous announcement. The outdoor setting adds a touch of grandeur to the proceedings, heightening the emotional impact of the impending revelation. The contestants, their nerves palpable, await the news that will either bring relief or sorrow.

Shocking Eviction

The announcement shatters the silence, revealing the name of the evicted contestant. The atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house is charged with emotions, ranging from shock to disbelief. Ankita, in particular, is visibly moved to tears, creating a poignant moment that resonates with the audience. The shockwaves of the eviction ripple through the house, leaving contestants grappling with the sudden departure of one of their own.

Post-Episode Update

The episode concludes with a promise of more information to come. The written update assures fans that a detailed account of the episode will be available after it airs on Colors TV and is uploaded to Jio Cinema. This strategic move keeps the audience engaged and eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of the episode.

Viewing Options

In a final note, the audience is directed to download all episodes of Bigg Boss Season 17 or watch the full 20th January 2024 episode online through or the Jiocinema App. This call to action serves as a convenient way for fans to catch up on the latest developments within the Bigg Boss house.


Q1: What was the central theme of the 20th January 2024 episode of Bigg Boss 17?

The episode revolved around the suspenseful eviction process, with one among Ankita, Vicky, Isha, and Ayesha facing elimination based on live audience votes.

Q2: How did Mannara contribute to the episode’s atmosphere?

Mannara added a touch of amusement by expressing her enjoyment of the event’s setup. Her laughter set the tone for the drama that unfolded, emphasizing the anticipation of the audience’s honest opinions.

Q3: How did the audience participate in the episode?

Viewers actively cast their votes to determine the fate of the nominated contestants. The sealed box containing these votes created an atmosphere of unpredictability, symbolizing the destiny of the contestants.

Q4: How was the eviction revealed to the contestants?

Bigg Boss directed all contestants to gather in the garden area for the eviction announcement, creating a suspenseful setting. The revelation shocked the contestants, with Ankita visibly moved to tears.

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