Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 Written Update

The tumultuous press conference inside the Bigg Boss 17 house continued, with contestants facing a barrage of heated questions from the relentless reporters. The spotlight was on Ankita, who expressed her views on the evolving dynamics within the house.

Ankita vs. Mannara: A Clash of Bonds

Ankita, firmly asserting her stance, declared that the bond between Vicky and Mannara could never rival the depth of her relationship with her husband. She emphasized that Mannara had entered the picture at a later stage, implying that her connection with Vicky held a unique and irreplaceable significance.

Vicky Defends Wealth and Favours: “I’m Proud as Ankita’s Husband”

A reporter targeted Vicky, questioning his seemingly proud demeanor regarding his wealth and the favors he has bestowed upon Ankita. In response, Vicky confidently asserted that his pride emanated from being Ankita’s husband. He claimed to have consistently expressed gratitude and appreciation for his wife throughout their journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Mannara Faces Backlash: Ankita Questions Limits

The spotlight then shifted to Mannara as she faced severe criticism for allegedly not showing respect towards other women in the house. Ankita intervened, interrupting the flow of conversation by asserting that Mannara lacked a sense of boundaries. Tensions escalated as Ankita confronted Mannara about her behavior.

Verbal Sparring: Ankita vs. Mannara

Ankita, momentarily silenced, listened as Mannara fired back, claiming that Ankita had no right to lecture about decency. Mannara accused Ankita of resorting to verbal garbage during conflicts with others. The exchange left the atmosphere charged with tension, hinting at further conflicts within the house.

Munawar Grilled: Exploiting Relationships for the Game?

Munawar found himself in the hot seat as a reporter questioned whether he had consistently used the female contestants in the show as pawns in his strategic gameplay. The comedian, known for his wit, appeared stunned by the direct inquiry, hinting at potential revelations and confrontations in the upcoming episodes.

Awaiting the Full Episode: Stay Tuned for the Update

As the press conference drama unfolded, the written update provided a glimpse into the intense interactions among the contestants. Viewers were left on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the full episode to witness the nuances and confrontations that may not have been captured in the initial summary.

Stay Updated: Download or Watch Online

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Conclusion: Intrigue and Tension Unfold in Bigg Boss 17

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 continued to deliver the drama, with contestants grappling with tough questions and confrontations. As the press conference turmoil unfolded, the dynamics within the house appeared more volatile than ever, promising viewers a rollercoaster ride of emotions and conflicts in the episodes to come.


Q1: What happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 on 22nd January 2024?

A1: In the latest episode, the housemates faced a press conference where they fielded intense questions from reporters. Highlights included Ankita defending her relationship, Vicky addressing accusations of pride, and Mannara facing backlash for alleged disrespect towards other women. Munawar also found himself grilled about his gameplay.

Q2: How did Ankita respond to questions about Vicky’s bond with Mannara?

A2: Ankita asserted that the bond between Vicky and Mannara could never match the depth of her relationship with her husband, emphasizing that Mannara had entered the picture later.

Q3: Why was Vicky questioned about his wealth and favors for Ankita?

A3: A reporter questioned Vicky’s pride in his wealth and the favors he did for Ankita, suggesting that he came to the show because of her. Vicky responded by stating that his pride stems from being Ankita’s husband and consistently showing appreciation for her.

Q4: What transpired between Ankita and Mannara during the press conference?

A4: Mannara faced criticism for allegedly not respecting other women in the house, leading to a confrontation with Ankita. The exchange became heated as Ankita accused Mannara of lacking limits, while Mannara fired back, accusing Ankita of using indecent language during conflicts.

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