Bigg Boss 17 8th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss serial which is running for a long time in which you get to see a lot of people, it is seen that the episode of Bigg Boss 17 Season 8 December 2023 starts with the contestants fighting on the topic When Abhi, Rinku and Ankita keep accusing Khanzadi of being biased throughout the task.

However, Khanzadi defended his actions, citing his role as operator and insisting that he acted according to his own judgment. Meanwhile, Munavvar and Samarth praise Arun for his victory, celebrating with him while teasing Abhishek and others for their efforts to overtake them. The next day, BB gathers everyone in the living room and a Introduced the task where contestants were asked to choose a housemate to stand in a dustbin,

While others threw garbage on them. Initially, Isha chose Abhi to stand in the dustbin, happily throwing garbage at him, teasing him about how his behavior changed during the task and in general. Meanwhile, Munawar questions Ankita about her authenticity, drawing parallels between her current gameplay and previous seasons

And suggested that she was trying to portray herself as a very kind person, which Ankita rejected. Next, Ankita picks on Mannara, commenting on her perceived acting and pretense of innocence, referencing comments from previous seasons and saying that Mannara is copying some of the behaviors from those seasons.

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