Bigg Boss 17 9th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss Season 179 December 2023 or the serial which is available to watch for a long time in which Salman Khan plays a very important role, then in today’s Bigg Boss Season 179 December 2023 episode, Salman Khan is cursing Abhishek. Meanwhile, Abhishek is listening intently with his head bowed in guilt,

Because Salman Khan is lashing out at them while others are sitting quietly the atmosphere becomes tense. However, Salman Khan questioned the authenticity of Abhishek’s anger, saying that it was not genuine, and said that this kind of behavior cannot be his real self outside the show. Furthermore, he also criticizes Abhishek for spoiling his image instead of enhancing it on national television, causing Abhishek to become emotional about it.

After this, Salman Khan scolds everyone except Ankita, Mananara and Isha, and highlights that according to him, they are the only ones who are very clear about their relationship and do not involve themselves in useless matters. Have been. He scolds everyone for frequent changes in friendships and groups,

Accuses them of using each other selfishly and constantly switching allegiances from week to week. The next day, BB welcomes K-pop singer, Aura, into the house as a wildcard contestant. The housemates were thrilled to see her, but they also felt a sense of insecurity as they felt that their spotlight might pale in comparison to Aura’s presence.

Also, Arun tries to converse with Aura in English, but finds it difficult to convey his words, causing Aura to laugh. If you want to watch Bigg Boss season 17 today episode written update which is available to watch season 17 in Hindi on 9 December 2023 season online then go to jio

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