[update] Bucchigiri Episode 4 Review? Calm Before Storm

news: Bucchigiri Episode 4 has hit the screens, offering another dose of entertainment from this peculiar yet amusing anime. As an original creation from the renowned MAPPA studio, known for its works like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, Bucchigiri?! brings a fresh take on the delinquent/Yanki genre, reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s anime classics such as Cromartie High School and Great Teacher Onizuka.


Helmed by director Hiroko Utsumi and driven by the narrative expertise of Taku Kishimoto, Bucchigiri?! unfolds its tale with musical compositions by Michiru Ōshima and character designs crafted by Takahiro Kagami. The opening theme, “Sesame” by Kroi, sets the tone for the series, and the ending theme, “Love je t’aime,” performed by Mahiru Coda, brings each episode to a close.


The latest episode continues to unravel the ongoing tensions between the rival factions, maintaining a delicate balance between humor and escalating conflicts. Marito’s desire for retribution against Doman adds a layer of intensity, despite Matakara’s attempts to discourage violence among the hotheaded members.

Insights into Matakara’s brother, the former head of Minato Kai, serving time in juvie, offer a glimpse into the complexities of the characters’ lives. The revelation of the true culprit behind the gang war raises the stakes, with the narrative suggesting it might be too late to prevent further chaos. Among the characters, Matakara stands out as a figure with a semblance of sense, while the main protagonist’s growing unreliability and unexplained animosity towards his friend, Matakara, leave the audience questioning.

Arajin’s hostility towards Matakara hints at a deeper backstory, possibly linked to Matakara’s brother’s incarceration. The need for a clearer explanation becomes apparent for the audience to connect with Arajin’s character development.


The episode leans into its comedic elements, with Arajin’s imaginative scenarios providing moments of humor. The animation quality, a strength of MAPPA, remains consistent, contributing to the overall visual appeal. The background music and the opening and ending themes enhance the audiovisual experience, creating a cohesive atmosphere.


Bucchigiri Episode 4 successfully maintains engagement through its unique blend of comedy and delinquent themes. The introduction of another character sparks curiosity about potential developments in the storyline. While the animation and music contribute positively, the series could benefit from further refinement in the storyline to elevate its overall impact.

Exploring Character Dynamics

The dynamics between the characters continue to evolve, particularly with the spotlight on Matakara and his connection to his incarcerated brother. The complexities of these relationships add depth to the narrative, presenting opportunities for character growth and plot twists in future episodes.

Unveiling Backstories

The revelation of the true culprit behind the gang war serves as a pivotal moment in the narrative. However, the lack of clarity regarding Arajin’s hostility towards Matakara leaves a crucial aspect unexplored. Unraveling the characters’ backstories becomes essential to understanding their motivations and fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Balancing Humor and Conflict

One of Bucchigiri’s notable strengths lies in its ability to balance humor and escalating conflicts. The comedic elements, especially Arajin’s imaginative sequences, inject lighthearted moments into the narrative. However, as the tensions rise and the gang war unfolds, finding the right balance becomes crucial to maintaining the series’ overall tone.

Arajin’s Character Development

Arajin’s character development takes center stage in this episode, showcasing his internal conflicts and unresolved feelings. The hostility towards Matakara hints at a more profound narrative layer, potentially linked to Matakara’s brother. Arajin’s journey from a fanboy-like demeanor to a character with a defined goal becomes a focal point for future episodes.

Animation Quality and Visual Appeal

As expected from MAPPA, the animation quality remains a standout feature of Bucchigiri. The fluidity of motion, attention to detail in character designs, and overall visual appeal contribute significantly to the series’ allure. The studio’s reputation for delivering visually stunning anime continues to be upheld in this latest episode.

Audiovisual Enhancements

The background music, coupled with the opening and ending themes, adds another layer to the viewing experience. The choice of music complements the tone of each scene, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The opening theme, “Sesame” by Kroi, sets an energetic tone, while the ending theme, “Love je t’aime” by Mahiru Coda, provides a suitable conclusion to each episode.

Storyline Refinement

While the series excels in certain aspects, there is room for refinement in the overall storyline. Clarity regarding character motivations, especially Arajin’s animosity, remains a critical aspect that needs addressing. Further exploration of the unfolding gang war and its repercussions could elevate the narrative and create a more immersive storytelling experience.

Anticipating Future Developments

With the introduction of another character in the concluding moments of the episode, the narrative takes an intriguing turn. The audience is left anticipating how this new addition will impact the existing dynamics and contribute to the overall plot. As Bucchigiri progresses, the unfolding developments are sure to shape the course of the storyline.


Bucchigiri Episode 4 delivers another entertaining installment, blending humor, conflict, and character development. The series continues to leverage its unique premise, offering a fresh perspective on the delinquent/Yanki genre. As character dynamics unfold and backstories come to light, the potential for future plot twists and engaging narratives becomes increasingly evident. With MAPPA’s animation prowess and a promising storyline, Bucchigiri holds the potential to captivate audiences as it progresses through its season.

FAQs – Bucchigiri Anime: Unraveling the Mystery

What is Bucchigiri?!

Bucchigiri?! is a new anime series produced by MAPPA, known for its work on popular shows like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. It marks a return to the delinquent/Yanki genre, reminiscent of classic anime such as Cromartie High School and Great Teacher Onizuka.

When was Bucchigiri Episode 4 Released?

Episode 4 of Bucchigiri was recently released as part of the ongoing season. Specific release dates may vary, so it’s recommended to check official sources or streaming platforms for the latest episodes.

Who are the Key Characters in Bucchigiri?!

The series revolves around characters like Arajin, Marito, Doman, and Matakara. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the storyline, with their interactions shaping the narrative and contributing to the humor and conflicts within the anime.

What is the Premise of Bucchigiri?!

Bucchigiri?! explores the world of delinquency and gang dynamics, offering a comedic take on the challenges faced by its characters. The storyline revolves around misunderstandings, conflicts, and the humorous situations that arise within these rival factions.

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