Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13 Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need to Know

As the latest season of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” reaches its pinnacle, fans are eagerly anticipating the grand finale – Season 2 Episode 13 titled “Final: TBA.” Set to air on January 23, 2024, on ABC, this episode promises an exhilarating clash between the finalists: Mo Rocca, Lisa Ann Walter, and Katie Nolan. The trio competes not only for the coveted title of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” champion but also for a substantial $1 million grand prize, destined for the charity of their choice.

Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13 release date

Scheduled to air on January 23, 2024, on ABC, “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13: Final: TBA” is gearing up to be an electrifying conclusion to a season filled with intellectual challenges and celebrity camaraderie. As fans eagerly anticipate the grand finale, the release date signifies the culmination of weeks of competition among the star-studded contestants. The chosen air date on ABC underscores the network’s commitment to delivering quality entertainment, and viewers can mark their calendars for this much-anticipated episode.

Plot Summary

In this climactic episode, the ultimate question looms – who will emerge as the “Celebrity Jeopardy!” champion? Mo Rocca, known for his work on CBS Sunday Morning, faces off against Lisa Ann Walter from ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” and the renowned commentator Katie Nolan. Their intellectual prowess and strategic acumen will be put to the test in pursuit of victory and philanthropy.

Episode 13 Details

Episode NameFinal: TBA. Celebrity Jeopardy!
Season 2 Episode 13
DirectorLucinda Ireland
WriterMerv Griffin
Main StarsKen Jennings,
Rachel Dratch,
Heather McMahan
GenresFamily, Game-Show
CountryUnited States
Release DateJanuary 23, 2024 (ABC)
Total EpisodesTo be Confirmed
Episode Number13
Also Known AsCelebrity Jeopardy! Season 2,
Celebrity Jeopardy! (2023),
Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Ep 13

In the anticipated “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13: Final: TBA,” set to air on ABC on January 23, 2024, the iconic Ken Jennings, along with stars Rachel Dratch and Heather McMahan, takes center stage for a culmination of wit and charitable endeavors. Directed by Lucinda Ireland and penned by Merv Griffin, the episode’s title hints at mystery and unexpected challenges. As the grand finale of a season filled with engaging banter and intellectual rigor,

this installment promises an evening of suspense, entertainment, and philanthropy. The charitable aspect adds depth, allowing celebrities to make a positive impact on society through their chosen causes. With the specifics of the final challenge yet to be announced, viewers can expect a unique blend of unpredictability and excitement, ensuring the episode leaves a lasting mark in the legacy of “Jeopardy!”

Trailer Availability

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While specific details about the trailer are yet to be disclosed, enthusiasts can keep an eye on official sources or ABC for any released trailers that might offer a glimpse into the excitement awaiting them.

What is Celebrity Jeopardy? All About

Hosted by the acclaimed Ken Jennings, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” seamlessly blends the intellectual challenge of the classic Jeopardy! quiz show with the charisma and wit of celebrity contestants. The current season has been a showcase of star-studded lineups, featuring notable participants such as Mo Rocca, Lisa Ann Walter, and Katie Nolan, among others. The show not only entertains but also serves a noble purpose by allowing celebrities to raise funds for their chosen charitable causes.

Ken Jennings’ Solo Hosting

This season has witnessed Ken Jennings taking on the hosting responsibilities solo, a move applauded by fans and critics alike. The show’s promotional poster, featuring Ken Jennings prominently, indicates a new era in the “Celebrity Jeopardy!” legacy. The seamless transition and Jennings’ adept handling of the hosting duties have been key contributors to the show’s continued success.

Celebrity Dynamics

The camaraderie and friendly competition among celebrities have been a highlight of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Season 2. The final episode brings together Mo Rocca, Lisa Ann Walter, and Katie Nolan for a battle of wits and knowledge. Each contestant is not only representing themselves but also aiming to secure a significant donation for a charity close to their hearts.

In a notable mention, Bialik, the former host, expressed her delight at being reunited with old friend Rauch, who had been part of the show for over a decade. The enduring friendship between the two adds a personal touch to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Journey

Launched last year as a spin-off from the iconic and long-running quiz show, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Season 2 has been a rollercoaster of intellectual challenges, unexpected twists, and delightful moments. Guest stars such as Simu Liu, Andy Richter, Constance Wu, and Michael Cera graced the show with their presence, adding their unique flair to the celebrity-driven format.

Despite the show’s potential to draw questions from the extensive Jeopardy! archives, recent developments have revealed that some previous Jeopardy contestants are declining to participate. This stand is part of a larger effort to support striking WGA writers. The decision adds a layer of complexity to the show’s production dynamics, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing industry-wide issues.

Episodes List Recap

Before reaching the grand finale, the season unfolded with a series of captivating episodes, each featuring a diverse lineup of celebrities vying for victory. Here’s a brief recap of the journey leading up to the final episode:

  1. Quarterfinal #1: Mark Duplass, Emily Hampshire, and Utkarsh Ambudkar – (Wed Sep 27, 2023)
  2. Quarterfinal #2: Brian Baumgartner, Lisa Ann Walter, and Timothy Simons – (Wed Oct 04, 2023)
  3. Quarterfinal #3: Christopher Meloni, Sherri Shepherd, and Katie Nolan – (Wed Oct 11, 2023)
  4. Quarterfinal #4: Steven Weber, Shane Battier, and Melissa Fumero – (Wed Oct 18, 2023)
  5. Quarterfinal #5: Mira Sorvino, Adam Rodriguez, and Peter Schrager – (Wed Oct 24, 2023)
  6. Quarterfinal #6: Dulé Hill, Sheryl Underwood, and Peter Facinelli – (Wed Nov 1, 2023)
  7. Quarterfinal #7: Macaulay Culkin, Rachel Dratch, and Becky Lynch – (Wes Nov 15, 2023)
  8. Quarterfinal #8: Cynthia Nixon, Cedric the Entertainer, and Heather McMahan – (Wes Nov 29, 2023)
  9. Quarterfinal #9: Kyra Sedgwick, Mo Rocca, and Amanda Seales – (Wes Dec 06, 2023)
  10. Semifinal #1: Utkarsh Ambudkar, Mira Sorvino, and Lisa Ann Walter – (Tue Jan 02, 2024)
  11. Semifinal #2: Steven Weber, Katie Nolan, and Dulé Hill – (Tue Jan 09, 2024)
  12. Semifinal #3: Rachel Dratch, Mo Rocca, and Heather McMahan – (Tue Jan 16, 2024)

Each episode brought its unique set of challenges, surprises, and moments of brilliance as celebrities showcased their knowledge across a range of categories.


Ken JenningsSelf – Host
Rachel DratchSelf – Contestant
Heather McMahanSelf – Contestant

The dynamic cast has been a driving force behind the success of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Season 2. The key figures in this episode include:

  • Ken Jennings as Self–host

Katie Nolan as Self – Contestant

Mo Rocca as Self – Contestant

  • Lisa Ann Walter as Self–Contestant

These individuals have not only added their competitive spirit to the show but also contributed to the overall entertainment value.

The Final Showdown

As the title suggests, the final episode’s details are yet to be announced (“Final: TBA”). The mystery surrounding the episode title adds an extra layer of intrigue, leaving fans curious about the nature of the challenges and the eventual outcome. The finale promises a culmination of weeks of intense competition, showcasing the finalists’ determination to emerge victorious.

Where to Watch Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2

ABC stands as the premier destination for viewers eagerly anticipating the grand finale of “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2.” With the release date set for January 23, 2024, this network ensures that audiences have a front-row seat to the culmination of a season filled with intellectual battles and celebrity camaraderie. As the appointed date approaches, viewers are encouraged to tune in to ABC to witness the thrilling conclusion of the popular game show.

The network’s commitment to delivering quality entertainment aligns with the high expectations surrounding the grand finale, promising an evening of suspense, wit, and the joy of watching celebrities compete for charitable causes. ABC’s role as the broadcasting platform underscores its significance in bringing this highly-anticipated event to households, creating a shared experience for fans of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” across the nation.


In summary, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Season 2 Episode 13 marks the conclusion of an engaging and star-studded journey. With a mix of intellectual rigor, camaraderie among celebrities, and a charitable component, the show has carved its niche in the world of game shows. The grand finale on January 23, 2024, is poised to be a fitting climax, determining not only the season’s champion but also the impact on charities supported by the contestants. As fans eagerly await the reveal of the final episode, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” continues to capture the essence of entertainment with a purpose.

FAQs for “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13: Final: TBA”

Q1: When is the grand finale of “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2” scheduled to air?

A1: The grand finale is set to air on January 23, 2024.

Q2: What network will broadcast the final episode?

A2: ABC is the designated network for the airing of “Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 2 Episode 13.”

Q3: Who are the main stars featured in the grand finale?

A3: The main stars include Ken Jennings, Rachel Dratch, and Heather McMahan.

Q4: What is the episode titled, and what does “TBA” stand for?

A4: The episode is titled “Final: TBA.” “TBA” stands for “To Be Announced,” hinting at a mysterious and unpredictable conclusion.

Q5: How many episodes are there in Season 2, and is the total confirmed?

A5: The total number of episodes for Season 2 is yet to be confirmed.

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