“Chained Soldier” Episode 3 Recap and Explained

Before diving into the enthralling events of Episode 3, let’s take a moment to recap the preceding episodes of “Chained Soldier.” In Episode 1, viewers were introduced to Yuuki, the protagonist thrust into the enigmatic world of the Demon Rescue force. Episode 2 delved deeper into Yuuki’s past and his interactions with the mysterious Commander Kyuoka. Now, as we venture into Episode 3, anticipation is high for more revelations, action, and perhaps a further glimpse into the romantic dynamics of this unique anime.

Recap of Previous Episodes

The journey began with Yuuki finding himself in the Demon Rescue force, a specialized military unit tasked with handling demonic threats. Episode 1 set the stage by introducing key characters, including Commander Kyuoka, who immediately captured the audience’s attention with her enigmatic aura. As Yuuki navigated the challenges of this new world, Episode 2 delved into his personal history, unveiling the emotional undercurrents that drive him forward.

Episode 3 Overview

The third installment kicks off with Yuuki receiving a new mission from the commander, setting the stage for a series of events that will shape the narrative. However, Yuuki’s wandering mind reveals his fascination with Commander Kyuoka, adding a layer of romantic tension. Simultaneously, Shushu embarks on a quest to locate Yuuki, only to discover that Himari has already taken him. The episode takes a poignant turn as Commander Kyuoka shares her tragic past, shedding light on the origins of the Demon Rescue force.

Journey to the Past

Commander Kyuoka’s past becomes a focal point in Episode 3. The commander and Yuuki visit the graves of her loved ones, offering viewers a glimpse into the emotional depth of her character. This somber moment provides context to the commander’s dedication to the Demon Rescue force and her personal connection to the demons they face. Despite the gravity of the situation, Yuuki insists on spending more time in town, hinting at his own struggles with loss.

Cafe Confessions

A change of pace occurs as Commander Kyuoka and Yuuki find themselves in a cafe, momentarily stepping away from their duties. The commander’s unexpected love for ice cream injects a touch of humor into the narrative. However, duty calls, and they must return to Mato, where new challenges await.

Demons and Dilemmas

Back in Mato, a fresh crisis unfolds, prompting the team to confront demons once again. The action escalates as Himari and Shushu engage in a fierce battle against these supernatural foes. The stakes rise when it’s revealed that the demon responsible for the commander’s past tragedy has returned. Commander Kyuoka faces off against another formidable demon, leaving Himari and Shushu in a weakened state.

Sibling Bonds and Betrayals

Yuuki, recognizing the gravity of the situation, steps up to assist the commander in the battle. A shocking twist emerges as he realizes that his own sister has become a demon. Despite this emotional revelation, Yuuki continues to fight against her. The demons are unveiled to be Shuuki, introducing a complex dynamic where familial bonds intertwine with the supernatural.

Aftermath and Punishments

Following the intense battle, the team returns home, and Commander Kyuoka doesn’t hold back in reprimanding Yuuki for his behavior. In a moment of vulnerability, Yuuki opens up about his missing sister, suggesting that the commander could serve as a surrogate sibling. The mystery surrounding Yuuki’s sister deepens as he reflects on why she would turn into a demon.

Bonds Strengthened

Yuuki’s bravery in the battle earns him appreciation, particularly from his little sister. As the team reflects on their experiences, Shuuki offers her perspective on Yuuki, adding complexity to the narrative. Amidst the emotional turmoil, a surprising development occurs as Shushu starts developing feelings for Yuuki. This newfound romantic tension is further explored in a playful bath scene, culminating in the unexpected arrival of Himari to discipline Yuuki.

Unexpected Visitors

The episode concludes with the sudden arrival of Commander Tenka Izumo from the 6th Squad, accompanied by her second in command, Yachicho Izumo. This unexpected visit introduces new elements of intrigue and sets the stage for future developments in the “Chained Soldier” saga.

With its seamless blend of adventure, action, thriller, and romance, “Chained Soldier” Episode 3 leaves fans eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama. The complexities of the characters’ relationships, the mysteries surrounding the demons, and the unexpected arrival of Commander Tenka Izumo promise a compelling continuation of this captivating anime. As the story evolves, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the saga of the “Chained Soldier.”


What is “Chained Soldier” about?

“Chained Soldier” is an ongoing Adventure Action Thriller Romantic anime that follows the protagonist, Yuuki, as he becomes part of the Demon Rescue force, a unique military unit dedicated to handling demonic threats. The series explores Yuuki’s personal journey, the mysteries surrounding demons, and the intricate relationships among the characters.

How many episodes are there in “Chained Soldier”?

As of now, “Chained Soldier” has three episodes available for streaming, with more expected in the future.

In which languages is the anime available?

The anime is currently streaming in Japanese with English subtitles, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the captivating storyline.

Who are the main characters in “Chained Soldier”?

Key characters include Yuuki, the protagonist; Commander Kyuoka, the enigmatic leader of the Demon Rescue force; Himari and Shushu, integral members of the team; and Shuuki, a mysterious demon connected to the commander’s past.

What is the genre of “Chained Soldier”?

“Chained Soldier” is a blend of Adventure, Action, Thriller, and Romance, offering a diverse and engaging viewing experience.

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