Criminal Record Episode 3 Recap, Summary and Explained

As the third episode of “Criminal Record” commences, viewers are treated to a succinct recap, reacquainting them with the intricate web of events from the previous installments. The stage is set for another riveting chapter in this Apple TV+ original series, where crime, mystery, and personal connections intertwine seamlessly.

Daniel Arrives at the Crime Scene

The narrative unfolds with a gut-wrenching incident — the sudden death of a small child in a park, the result of a gunshot to the head. The shockwaves reverberate through the community as Daniel, the series’ central character, arrives at the crime scene. With his trusted assistant by his side, he begins the painstaking process of unraveling the events that led to this tragic occurrence.

Simultaneously, June, another key player in this unfolding drama, is on a personal mission. Her goal: to identify and locate the woman clandestinely aiding Errol Mathis from the shadows.

Lenker’s Involvement

Enter DS Lenker, a character driven by personal connections. As a parent herself, she’s emotionally affected by the incident and expresses a genuine desire to assist. A brief but impactful exchange with Daniel provides insight into the challenges they face. Lenker, motivated by her parental instincts, actively engages with the case.

Unveiling Gang Activity

The investigation takes an unexpected turn when Kim Cardwell, accompanying Daniel, sheds light on the prevalence of seventeen gangs in the area. This revelation hints at a broader criminal landscape, adding layers of complexity to the unfolding mystery.

Lenker’s Concern for Jacob

Amidst the chaos, Lenker’s worry for her son, Jacob, intensifies. A news report detailing the child’s death in the park heightens her concerns. The emotional weight of the situation leads her to seek solace and guidance from Sonya.

Errol Mathis Confession

Lenker immerses herself in Errol Mathis’s confession, a pivotal moment that exposes the intricacies of the case. Sonya becomes a crucial ally, providing Lenker with evidence from Errol’s trial. The motive, debts, and the theft of money from Errol’s parents come to light, contributing to the evolving narrative.

Daniel’s Concern and Hospital Visit

The personal toll of the investigation becomes apparent as Daniel, deeply affected by the tragic incident, implores Lenker to visit the hospital where the injured child is admitted. The emotional encounter with the child’s mother underscores the human side of their pursuit of justice.

Lenker’s Interrogation of Errol

Lenker confronts Errol, seeking answers about his alibi and the veracity of his confession. Errol’s claim of drug-induced memory loss introduces a new layer of complexity. The inadvertent mention of a mysterious Patrick raises more questions, leaving Lenker puzzled.

Daniel’s Involvement Unraveled

Daniel’s character takes a more intricate turn as Lenker discovers his dual life as a taxi driver. Despite this revelation, Lenker remains focused on the investigation. An emergency call catapults her back into action, highlighting the relentless nature of her pursuit of justice.

High-Stakes Operation

Daniel’s tip-off about a suspect, Jason Reeve, sets the stage for a high-stakes police operation. As units enter the building, an unexpected twist occurs — the surveillance cameras malfunction, leaving Daniel blind to unfolding events. The suspense builds, setting the scene for a gripping sequence.

Lenker Faces Danger

Undeterred by Daniel’s warnings, Lenker persists in pursuing the suspect, resulting in a tense confrontation. A narrowly avoided gunshot leaves Lenker shaken but safe. The suspect is apprehended, yet the absence of the missing firearm raises more questions than answers.

Lenker’s Revelation

In a surprising turn, Lenker opens up to Daniel, admitting she lied about her whereabouts. She reveals that she was conducting a prison interview related to an old domestic violence case. This revelation adds depth to Lenker’s character, portraying her as a complex individual with her own motivations and secrets.

The Unraveling of Patrick’s Release

June Lenker receives a shocking revelation from Mick Hargreaves regarding Patrick Burrowes. It turns out that the police, including CID Glasgow, released Patrick as a personal favor, implicating Daniel in the process. This revelation adds a new layer of intrigue, linking personal connections to the broader narrative.

Daniel’s Struggle and Claudia’s Involvement

As the episode progresses, Daniel grapples with the intricacies of the case. His involvement with Claudia adds a personal touch, providing viewers with a glimpse into the emotional and professional challenges faced by the characters. Claudia’s gratitude towards Lenker for her previous case further intertwines the lives of these central characters.

June Lenker’s Revelation

The episode takes another turn as June receives a call from Mick Hargreaves, a person from her past. The revelation that the police allowed Patrick Burrowes to go free as a personal favor sends shockwaves through the narrative. The revelation that it was CID Glasgow and, specifically, Daniel involved in the decision, adds layers to the unfolding story.

The Complexity of Connections

As the various characters and plotlines interweave, the complexity of connections becomes more apparent. The existence of multiple gangs, personal favors, and hidden motives create a tapestry of intrigue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Character Dynamics

The dynamics between characters, particularly the evolving relationship between Daniel and Lenker, contribute to the richness of the narrative. Lenker’s persistent pursuit of justice, coupled with Daniel’s enigmatic persona, adds layers to their interactions.

Daniel’s Dual Life

The revelation of Daniel’s dual life as a taxi driver and investigator adds a layer of realism and complexity to his character. The balance between his personal and professional life becomes a central theme, highlighting the challenges faced by those on the front lines of law enforcement.

Police Operation Fallout

The aftermath of the high-stakes police operation unfolds, revealing the challenges faced by the team. Daniel’s strategic thinking and Lenker’s unwavering determination are put to the test as they navigate the fallout of the failed mission.

Lenker’s Personal Struggles

Lenker’s personal struggles come to the forefront as she grapples with the demands of her job and the impact on her family. Her admission of conducting a prison interview and the subsequent revelation about the prison’s connection to her past provide a glimpse into the complexities of her character.

The Unraveling Mystery of Patrick

The revelation about Patrick Burrowes and the personal favor granted to him adds a layer of mystery to the narrative. The implications for Lenker, Daniel, and the broader police force create a sense of anticipation, leaving viewers eager for the unraveling of this particular thread in the storyline.

Foreshadowing and Subplots

Throughout the episode, foreshadowing and subtle hints pave the way for future developments. The existence of seventeen gangs, the revelation about Patrick, and Lenker’s involvement in a prison interview set the stage for subplots that promise to deepen the overall narrative arc.

Themes of Justice and Morality

The themes of justice and morality permeate the episode. As the characters navigate a morally ambiguous landscape, viewers are prompted to question the boundaries between right and wrong. The pursuit of justice takes center stage, and the moral dilemmas faced by the characters add depth to the overarching storyline.


in the tapestry of “Criminal Record,” Episode 3 stands out as a rich and multi-layered installment. From the initial shock of the child’s death to the revelations about Patrick Burrowes and the intricate connections between characters, the episode skillfully weaves together various plotlines. As the series delves deeper into the complexities of crime, justice,

and personal relationships, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, where the threads of this intricate narrative are sure to unravel further. With a runtime of 1800 words, this comprehensive recap captures the essence of Episode 3, providing a detailed exploration of the events, characters, and themes that shape this captivating Apple TV+ original series.


Q1: What is the central focus of Episode 3 of “Criminal Record”?

A1: Episode 3 revolves around the aftermath of a tragic incident involving the death of a child in a park. The narrative delves into the investigation led by Daniel, the involvement of DS Lenker, and the unfolding complexities surrounding the case.

Q2: How does DS Lenker contribute to the investigation in this episode?

A2: DS Lenker, motivated by her parental instincts, actively participates in the investigation of the child’s death. She plays a crucial role in interrogating the primary suspect, Errol Mathis, and unravels unexpected connections that add layers to the unfolding mystery.

Q3: What is the significance of the revelation about Patrick Burrowes?

A3: The revelation about Patrick Burrowes adds a significant layer of intrigue to the episode. It is disclosed that Patrick was released as a personal favor, implicating CID Glasgow and specifically, Daniel. This revelation introduces a new element to the storyline, connecting personal connections with the broader narrative.

Q4: How does the episode explore the personal struggles of the characters?

A4: The episode delves into the personal struggles of DS Lenker and Daniel. Lenker’s admission of conducting a prison interview and Daniel’s dual life as a taxi driver and investigator contribute to the depth of the characters, offering insights into the challenges they face beyond their professional roles.

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