Death and Other Details (2023) Cast & Character Guide; Who stars in this thrilling murder mystery?

“Death and Other Details” is a riveting murder mystery series set against the backdrop of a locked room murder on the luxurious cruise ship, SS Varuna. Co-created by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams, the show follows the brilliant detective Rufus Cotesworth, played by Mandy Patinkin, and the reluctant suspect Imogene Scott, portrayed by Violett Beane, as they navigate the complexities of the crime.

The series intricately weaves familial relationships, exploring the dynamics between characters like Lawrence and Katherine Collier, who raised Imogene after her mother’s death. With a standout moment in the intense locked room murder, the show captivates audiences with unexpected twists, compelling character interactions, and a masterful blend of suspense and character-driven storytelling. The stellar performances of the ensemble cast, including Lauren Patten, Linda Emond, Rahul Kohli, and Michael Gladis, contribute to the series’ positive reception, promising viewers an engaging and unpredictable narrative as the mystery unfolds.

The Visionaries Behind the Curtain

1. Mike Weiss – The Mastermind Creator

Meet Mike Weiss, the seasoned writer and producer renowned for his contributions to TV hits like “Chicago P.D.” and “The Mentalist.” Drawing inspiration from his past endeavors, Weiss takes on the mantle of writer, producer, and showrunner for “Death and Other Details,” infusing his storytelling prowess into the heart of the series.

2. Heidi Cole McAdams – Crafting the Narrative

Heidi Cole McAdams, a luminary in the realm of writing and producing, brings her expertise to the table. With a track record that includes work on “The 100” and “Stumptown,” McAdams collaborates with Weiss as a co-creator, writer, producer, and showrunner, adding layers of complexity to the narrative tapestry.

The Enigmatic Main Cast

1. Mandy Patinkin as Rufus Cotesworth – The Genius Detective

Enter the world-class actor, Mandy Patinkin, known for his iconic roles in “The Princess Bride” and “Homeland.” In “Death and Other Details,” Patinkin takes center stage as Rufus Cotesworth, the brilliant detective, navigating a locked room murder on a cruise ship. Patinkin’s seasoned skills promise an unforgettable performance.

2. Violett Beane as Imogene Scott – The Unwilling Suspect

Violett Beane, a rising star in American cinema, steps into the shoes of Imogene Scott. Known for her roles in “The Flash” and “Truth or Dare,” Beane’s portrayal of Imogene, a key suspect entangled in the murder, adds depth and intrigue. Uniting with Cotesworth, Imogene’s past harbors a disdain for the detective, setting the stage for a riveting dynamic.

3. Lauren Patten as Anna Collier – A Beacon of Connection

Lauren Patten, a multifaceted American actress, singer, and writer, graces the screen as Anna Collier. With notable roles in Broadway’s “Jagged Little Pill” and TV series like “Blue Bloods” and “The Good Fight,” Patten embodies Anna, the daughter of Lawrence and Katherine Collier. Her close bond with Imogene and marriage to Leila weave familial ties into the narrative.

4. Linda Emond as Agent Hilde Eriksen – The No-Nonsense Interpol Officer

Linda Emond, an esteemed American actress, brings her commanding presence to the role of Agent Hilde Eriksen. Renowned for her Tony Award-nominated stage performances and appearances in films like “Julie & Julia” and TV shows like “The Good Wife,” Emond infuses the character with a no-nonsense demeanor, adding a layer of authority to the investigative team.

5. Rahul Kohli as Sunil Ranja – The Charismatic Ship Owner

Rahul Kohli, an English actor celebrated for leading roles in “iZombie” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” assumes the character of Sunil Ranja. As the owner of the SS Varuna, the luxurious cruise ship serving as the primary setting, Kohli’s charismatic portrayal promises to add intrigue and complexity to the unfolding mystery.

6. Michael Gladis as Keith Trubitsky – The Obnoxious Victim

Michael Gladis, recognized for his role as Paul Kinsey in “Mad Men,” steps into the shoes of Keith Trubitsky. In “Death and Other Details,” Trubitsky’s obnoxious demeanor sets the stage for a complex murder. Gladis’ seasoned acting skills hint at a nuanced portrayal that goes beyond the surface of the victim.

7. Angela Zhou as Teddy Goh – The Strategic Crew Manager

Angela Zhou, a talented actress hailing from New Zealand, assumes the role of Teddy Goh, the strategic crew manager on the cruise. With a diverse portfolio including “Hell on Wheels” and “Supergirl,” Zhou’s performance promises to unravel layers of Teddy’s character, adding strategic depth to the unfolding drama.

8. Hugo Diego Garcia as Jules – The Head of Security

Hugo Diego Garcia, a French and Spanish actor, takes on the pivotal role of Jules, the head of security on board the SS Varuna. Garcia’s background in both acting and directing suggests a multifaceted portrayal that could bring a unique perspective to the character’s responsibilities and interactions.

9. David Marshall Grant as Lawrence Collier – The Supportive Father Figure

David Marshall Grant, an American actor, singer, and writer, steps into the shoes of Lawrence Collier. Known for his diverse roles in TV shows like “CSI: Miami” and “Law & Order,” Grant portrays the supportive father figure who, along with his wife Katherine, raised Imogene after her mother’s death.

10. Jayne Atkinson as Katherine Collier – The Maternal Figure

Jayne Atkinson, a British actress with a notable presence in series like “Criminal Minds” and “House of Cards,” embodies Katherine Collier. As the maternal figure in Imogene’s life, Atkinson’s performance adds emotional depth to the narrative, exploring the dynamics of a family shaped by tragedy.

Other Notable Cast Members

Beyond the main cast, “Death and Other Details” features a roster of talented actors:

  • Pardis Saremi as Leila
  • Jere Burns as Llewellyn Mathers
  • Christian Svensson as Andreas Windeler
  • Annie Q. Riegel as Winnie Goh
  • Sofia Rosinsky as Yeva

These additional characters promise to contribute unique facets to the storyline, further enriching the tapestry of mystery and intrigue.

Anticipated Developments and Favorite Moments

As the series progresses, viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of intricate plotlines and character arcs. Will Rufus Cotesworth crack the case? How will Imogene’s tumultuous relationship with the detective evolve? The dynamic interplay between characters, coupled with the richly woven narrative, keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

One standout moment in “Death and Other Details” is the intense locked room murder on the cruise ship, setting the stage for a complex investigation. The chemistry between Patinkin and Beane as Cotesworth and Imogene adds a layer of tension and humor, making their interactions a highlight for many viewers. The familial bonds portrayed by Patten, Emond, Kohli, and others also contribute to the series’ emotional depth.


In summary, “Death and Other Details” emerges as a captivating blend of mystery, drama, and character-driven storytelling. The talented cast, led by seasoned creators Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams, ensures a viewing experience filled with suspense and intrigue. As the series continues to unravel its secrets, audiences can expect a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and a masterful exploration of the human psyche within the confines of a locked room murder on a luxurious cruise ship.


What is “Death and Other Details” about?

“Death and Other Details” is a murder mystery series that revolves around a locked room murder on a luxurious cruise ship, the SS Varuna. The story follows the brilliant detective Rufus Cotesworth and reluctant suspect Imogene Scott as they unravel the complexities surrounding the crime.

Who are the creators of the show?

The series is co-created by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams. Mike Weiss is known for his work on TV shows like “Chicago P.D.” and “The Mentalist,” while Heidi Cole McAdams has contributed to series such as “The 100” and “Stumptown.”

Who plays the leading roles in the series?

The main cast includes Mandy Patinkin as Rufus Cotesworth, Violett Beane as Imogene Scott, Lauren Patten as Anna Collier, Linda Emond as Agent Hilde Eriksen, Rahul Kohli as Sunil Ranja, and Michael Gladis as Keith Trubitsky, among others.

What are some notable works of the main cast members?

Mandy Patinkin is renowned for roles in “The Princess Bride” and “Homeland.”
Violett Beane is known for “The Flash” and “Truth or Dare.”
Lauren Patten has made a mark in Broadway with “Jagged Little Pill.”
Linda Emond has received Tony Award nominations for her stage work.
Rahul Kohli has starred in “iZombie” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor.”
Michael Gladis gained recognition for his role in “Mad Men.”

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