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In the captivating Netflix series “Kubra,” a spiritual fantasy thriller that unfolds over eight episodes, the character Gokhan, portrayed by Cagatay Ulusoy, takes center stage. Known for his roles in other notable shows like “The Tailor,” “Medcezir,” and Netflix’s “The Protector,” Cagatay Ulusoy brings life to the complex persona of Gokhan in this intriguing narrative.

The Evolution of Gokhan: A Middle-Aged Man Transformed

Gokhan, a middle-aged man, undergoes a profound transformation following the sudden and tragic events during his military service. Serving the nation as a veteran military man, Gokhan witnesses the loss of his beloved friends and comrades during a massive military attack. Astonishingly, he emerges as the sole survivor, a fact that haunts him deeply.

Devastated by the loss of his comrades, Gokhan rejects the medals and pensions offered to him by the government, grappling with emotional instability. His refusal stems from a belief that everything happens for a reason, a conviction born out of the profound impact of the tragic events he experienced. This emotional turmoil raises concerns for his girlfriend Merve and his mother.

Life After Trauma: Gokhan’s Struggle with Inner Demons

Haunted by the memories of the military attack, Gokhan becomes an emotionally unstable individual. His fear and internal struggles become palpable, affecting not only his personal life but also his professional aspirations. Despite working as a manager in a mechanic shop, Gokhan yearns for a promotion to secure a future with Merve, his steadfast girlfriend.

The turning point in Gokhan’s life comes with unexpected messages from Kubra, setting in motion a series of events that challenge his perceptions of reality. Gokhan, a skilled soccer player who finds solace in the game with friends, also seeks mental peace in a distant, solitary house where he engages in solitary prayer.

Embracing Kubra: Gokhan’s Encounter with Spiritual Messages

Gokhan’s life takes a mystical turn with the arrival of messages from Kubra. Despite skepticism from those around him, who dismiss Kubra as an illusion, Gokhan becomes deeply entrenched in religious concepts. His unwavering belief in a higher purpose drives him to explore the presence of Allah in every facet of life.

Gokhan’s dedication to his faith intensifies, leading him to confront those who disrespect Allah. His mission evolves beyond personal redemption as he becomes a motivator, urging others to stand strong in their faith. Despite skepticism and accusations of fraud, Gokhan’s conviction in his spiritual experiences remains unshaken.

Love and Loyalty: Gokhan’s Relationship with Merve

Amidst the chaos of his spiritual awakening, Gokhan remains steadfast in his loyalty to Merve, his girlfriend. Despite occasional arguments, Gokhan’s trust in Merve never wavers. His professional aspirations, fueled by the desire to marry Merve, become entangled with the unfolding events surrounding Kubra.

Semavi: Gokhan’s Transformation into a Faithful Leader

As Gokhan’s influence grows, he earns the name Semavi from his followers. Positioned as a faithful leader, Gokhan becomes a symbol of inspiration for those who rally behind him. The support he garners leads to the creation of the Semavi foundation, a testament to the profound impact he has on people across the nation.

The foundation receives a surge of donations, illustrating the widespread belief in Gokhan’s message. However, not everyone is convinced, with a fraction of the population viewing him as a sinner and a fraud, accusing him of manipulating innocent minds.

Gokhan’s Mission: A Quest for a Better World

Gokhan’s ultimate ambition transcends personal desires. His mission is rooted in making the world a better place, eradicating the sins of negative influences, and spreading faith among the masses. Despite the controversies surrounding him, Gokhan remains resolute in his pursuit of a higher purpose.

In conclusion, Gokhan’s character in “Kubra” is a multifaceted exploration of trauma, faith, and the transformative power of spirituality. Cagatay Ulusoy’s portrayal adds depth to a character navigating the complexities of personal loss, spiritual enlightenment, and the challenges of leadership in the face of skepticism. The enigmatic journey of Gokhan unfolds against the backdrop of a nation divided in its perception of him, making “Kubra” a gripping tale of belief, controversy, and redemption.


Q1: Who plays the character of Gokhan in the Netflix series ‘Kubra’?

A1: Gokhan is played by Cagatay Ulusoy, a renowned Turkish actor known for his roles in various television series, including “The Tailor,” “Medcezir,” and Netflix’s “The Protector.”

Q2: What is the premise of the show ‘Kubra’?

A2: ‘Kubra’ is a spiritual fantasy thriller on Netflix with eight episodes. The series revolves around Gokhan, a veteran military man deeply affected by a special phenomenon called Kubra. The narrative follows the changes he brings to society as believers in Kubra.

Q3: What traumatic events lead to Gokhan’s transformation in the series?

A3: Gokhan undergoes a significant transformation after surviving a massive military attack where he loses his beloved friends and comrades. The emotional impact of this tragedy shapes his character throughout the series.

Q4: Why does Gokhan reject the medals and pensions offered to him by the government?

A4: Gokhan, overwhelmed by the loss of his comrades, rejects the recognition and financial support from the government, driven by a belief that everything happens for a reason.

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