Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Update

In today’s episode of Imlie, which aired on February 3, 2024, the story began with Imlie contemplating whether it was time to reveal the truth about Ashu to Agastya. She acknowledged that as they were getting married, it was important not to keep secrets from each other. Blushing at the thought of marrying Agastya, she decided to look for him in the house.

Eventually finding Agastya, Imlie expressed her desire to share something important with him. Agastya, affectionately holding her, assured her that she could tell him anything without hesitation.

Smiling, Imlie revealed the hidden part of her life, confessing that she had another person in her family named Ashu. She explained that she had kept Ashu hidden from the world to protect him. Imlie disclosed that her contract marriage was also for Ashu’s sake and to fund his treatment.

Agastya, understanding and supportive, smiled and declared that the evening’s celebration would be dedicated to Ashu’s name.

The episode concluded on a positive note, highlighting the bond between Imlie and Agastya as they prepared to share their lives and secrets with each other. For those who missed the episode or wanted to catch up on the latest events in Imlie, the option to download all episodes or watch the full episode online was available on

In summary, today’s episode of Imlie portrayed a heartfelt moment of openness and trust between the lead characters. The unfolding storyline promised further emotional connections and revelations in this Hindi serial.

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