Imlie (Imli) 11th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie serial which has been running for a long time, it is seen that today’s Imli serial starts the episode of 11th December 2023 when Vishwa comes to Choudhary’s house with the police the next day and tells Imli that he has been arrested for the murder. They need information before they go underground. Agastya tries to ask for more time from Vishwa but Imlie tells him that she is ready to talk. She tells him that she thinks the weapon is just expressed

Hearing who is responsible for her Kashi mother’s death, Agastya asks her what she means that her Kashi mother was murdered. Meanwhile, Imlie tells him that she recognizes her only by her shoes because she is such a As is asking who that person might be and what possible reason he might have for trying to kill him

Imlie swears to Radha Rani that she is going to find out who she is. Meanwhile, Karan tries to meet Bulbul to express his condolences but Imlie comes in the way and tells him that from now on she has to There is a need to maintain distance from sister.

 Will Reason finally take a stand and confess to his relationship with Bulbul? Is the world the weapon that is trying to kill Imli Imli Hindi Serial You can watch Imli Hindi Serial very well to download all the episodes of Imli Hindi Serial today to download full episodes of Imli and online. To watch all the episodes of 11 December 2023 online, visit

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