Imlie (Imli) 12th December 2023 Written Update

We are going to talk about Imlie serial written update 12th December 2023 where the episode starts with Imlie being tied with a black band at the place where the killer has caught hold of her legs and taken her to the place of hiding. You get to see that Imli takes off the pallu and black band of her saree and gives it to Agastya and starts saying that she feels

That she has seen the black strip somewhere and Agastya is seen watching the band attentively and tries to hold her hand while Imlie is trying to pick it up with her bare hands and gives her pallu and then meets to see. That he acts as per the orders of Tamarind and takes the bandh, which makes him tell that he knows the bandh, due to which he appears to be more determined.

Later in the serial, it is seen that Choudhary comes back to the house where Imlie and Agastya start asking the family not to go to their room at all as they need to know something important on which it is seen that Shivani asks Agastya if the news is about Imlie’s pregnancy while Agastya puts his hand on her head while Imlie feels the same.

That she is going to disappear to everyone. Thus the serial goes ahead and shows that Govind asks Agastya to tell him what he should have told in the end while Agastya says that there is someone who wants to harm Imlie completely. He is trying and is also seen vowing to bring him to light. In this way, who is the owner of the black band? Will Imlie and Agastya be able to reveal the identity of the killer or will they not be able to do so? It remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes. For now this episode ends here which will be premiered on 12th December 2023

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