Imlie (Imli) 9th December 2023 Written Update

Here I want to tell you about Imli serial, this serial seems to be releasing seasons and episodes for a long time, similarly Imli serial has reached the mode today that Imli Bulbul will start the episode from 9th December 2023. Asks to stop while she goes to Agastya and asks for help. starts with

Hearing this, Bulbul requests Imlie to stay with her as she is scared and cannot risk her life as she is carrying Karam’s child in her womb. Imlie wonders about Bulbul’s innocence and asks herself if she should call it her stupidity or Karam’s true love. So, Imlie hugs Bulbul and asks her to stay strong while going out to bring help. However Bulbul requested Imlie to stop as she was afraid that Pallo was also not at home.

Imlie then assures Bulbul that nothing will happen to her and gives her her Radha Rani bracelet. She asks Bulbul to hold her and not stop taking Radha Rani’s name as God can save her. Bulbul finally gets relief by tightly hugging Imlie, after which Imlie runs outside while Bulbul chants Radha Rani’s name in fear.

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