Jhanak 11th December 2023 Written Update

Here you will be told about the Jhanak episode, which has been doing this hard work in writing for a long time. Here, let us tell you that the Jhalak episode starts on 11th December 2023 episode of Kiss Department with Jhalak and Anirudh sitting in their compartment. After which he asks Dhak to support himself. Soon, Jhanak sits in her place and looks outside, admiring her surroundings.

And finally falls asleep. Meanwhile, Tejas and his goons move ahead searching every corner of Kashmir as he feels that Jhanak is somewhere around him, but hidden somewhere. However, as time passes, Tejas realizes that Jhanak may not be in Kashmir, but by this time, he has moved out of Kashmir and resolves to go to Jammu. Later, Tejas reaches Jammu with his gang, who shows everyone Jhanak’s picture and asks about her,

Due to which a person finally recognizes the glimpse. Tejas asks the man where Jhanak is, the man tells that he has heard Jhanak and another man, presumably her husband, have decided to go to Kolkata. This reminds Tejas that the police has allowed a couple to go ahead and he stomps his foot in frustration as he feels that he has lost sight of Anirudh and Jhanak. After several hours, Jhanak and Anirudh reach Kolkata.

When Jhanak sees Tejas and his men she goes the other way. Tejas orders his men to catch Jhanak who is chasing him and collides with Anirudh due to which Tejas points his gun at Anirudh.

To know whether fate will allow Anirudh and Jhanak to separate or not, you must be watching all the episodes of Jhanak which is available to watch very well. To watch the full episode of 11th December 2023 online, visit hotstar.com

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