Jhanak 12th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak serial is very good to watch, while talking about this serial which is very good to watch, after today’s episode, the episode of 12th December 2023 starts with Tejas which is Anirudh. Asks Hee why he is so eager to risk his life for a girl like Jhanak. Furthermore, he reminds Anirudh

That he was to be married to Arshi, hence he should have been in Jammu. However, Ani has no answer. On the other hand, Appu gets up and runs towards the hall and asks everyone whether Anirudh has come or not. Everyone rolls their eyes seeing Appu’s excitement but his excitement acts as a trigger for Arshi who has not heard from Ani till now. She screams in anger which Mimi sees with her own eyes. In Kolkata, Tejas tells Anirudh that now instead of talking there will be a “kand” (big deal), and pulls the trigger of his gun. Then Anirudh puts vermilion on Jhanak’s demand in front of the entire public and says that from now on Jhanak will be his wife.

Furthermore, he cannot let anything happen to her as it is his duty now, which shocks both Tejas and Jhanak, who did not expect this at all. What will be Arshi’s process for Ani to do so much for Jhanak, will Jhanak ever know? To know about Urvashi’s last letter, you must watch this episode which is on 12th December 2023 to watch the episode online on hotstar. go to com

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