Jordan Johnny Johnson EX Girlfriend – Where Is She Now? | ‘Sherry Prather’ Murder

In the gripping saga of the murder investigation surrounding ‘Sherry Prather’ explored in the latest episode of the OXYGEN original show Final Moments: The Man On Motorcycle, a mysterious character emerges—Jordan, the ex-girlfriend of one of the accused, Johnny Johnson. As the narrative unfolds, we delve into the complexities of Jordan’s involvement, examining the accusations against her and the aftermath of the case.

The Disappearance of Sherry Prather

The episode begins with the unsettling disappearance of Sherry Prather, a self-proclaimed party lover. Sherry was last seen at a local pub, captured on CCTV footage sitting on the motorcycle of an unidentified man. The lack of clarity in the video stymies the initial police investigation.

Samantha’s Revelation

Weeks later, a bombshell revelation occurs when Samantha, the wife of Johnny Johnson, steps forward, claiming that her husband had kidnapped and murdered Sherry Prather. This revelation prompts the police to intensify their search for Sherry’s body. Subsequently, the partially eaten remains of Sherry Prather are discovered.

Johnny Johnson’s Arrest

Despite the discovery of Sherry’s body, law enforcement faces a significant hurdle – a lack of concrete evidence linking Johnny Johnson to the murder. The case takes a turn when Johnny’s friend, Mike Caroll, comes forward with information implicating Johnny in Sherry’s murder. Johnny is arrested, and the legal drama unfolds.

Jordan’s Involvement

Amidst the chaos, Samantha implicates Jordan, Johnny’s ex-girlfriend, as an accomplice in Sherry Prather’s murder. Allegedly serving as Johnny’s “helping hand,” Jordan becomes a focus of the police investigation. The question arises – what role did Jordan play in the heinous crime?

Police Interrogation and Release

As the police delve into Jordan’s potential involvement, a series of interrogations unfold. However, despite intense scrutiny, no conclusive evidence is found against Jordan. The lack of a smoking gun leads to Jordan’s release, leaving the public and the media with lingering questions about her innocence or potential culpability.

Public Humiliation and Life After the Case

The aftermath of the case casts a dark shadow over Jordan’s life. Accused of involvement in a high-profile murder, Jordan faces public humiliation and scrutiny. The media’s relentless focus on her exacerbates the challenges she encounters. Despite her release, the stain of suspicion remains, raising questions about her true connection to the crime.

Disappearance from the Public Eye

In the wake of the case, Jordan vanishes from public view. Reports suggest that she retreated from the spotlight, seeking solace in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The reasons behind her withdrawal from public life remain shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation about the toll the case took on her mental and emotional well-being.

The Estrangement of Jordan and Johnny

The tumultuous events surrounding Sherry Prather’s murder strain relationships, including that of Jordan and Johnny. The once romantically involved pair now faces the aftermath of a criminal investigation that tore through their lives. The details of their separation and the emotional fallout remain undisclosed, adding yet another layer of intrigue to this complex narrative.


The tale of Jordan’s involvement in the Sherry Prather murder case, as explored in the Final Moments episode, paints a vivid picture of a tumultuous and tragic series of events. Jordan’s exoneration from the charges raises questions about the accuracy of Samantha’s accusations and the intricacies of the criminal justice system. As Jordan remains in seclusion, the true extent of her connection to the crime remains a lingering enigma, leaving audiences to ponder the mysteries surrounding Final Moments: The Man On Motorcycle.


Who is Sherry Prather, and what happened to her?

Sherry Prather was a party enthusiast who went missing one night after being seen on CCTV footage at a local pub. The latest episode of Final Moments investigates her disappearance, revealing a complex tale of intrigue and murder.

Who were the accused in Sherry Prather’s murder case?

Johnny Johnson, the husband of Samantha, was initially accused of kidnapping and murdering Sherry Prather. Later, Jordan, Johnny’s ex-girlfriend, was also implicated as an accomplice in the crime.

What role did Jordan play in the murder case?

Samantha, Johnny’s wife, accused Jordan of being a helping hand in Sherry Prather’s murder. However, despite police investigation and interrogation, no concrete evidence was found against Jordan, leading to her release.

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