Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 Written Update

How I got you, this serial is very good and best to watch whereas it is seen that the episode of 10th December 2023 starts with Amrita taking her family and Gautam’s family back down where the discussion continues. Gautam’s mother says that she will not let her son marry a girl whose mind and father’s relationship is spoiled due to her father’s affair. Bhavani is shocked because Gautam’s mother says

The wedding cannot take place while Ishika stands at the door smiling at the way things happened. Amrita tries to console Bhavani after the marriage talks are over when Virat calls Amrita and asks her to come to the place sent by him within the next 10 minutes. Despite being in a difficult situation, Amrita leaves to come to the place which turns out to be a bridal shop. Virat gives two dresses to Amrita

And asks him to deliver them after which he gives him his credit card for the funds. However, Bhavani gets a call from the police station who tells her that Amrita has been arrested for credit card theft and she will be asked to bring her lawyer who will be required. Is this Virat’s plan to take revenge from Amrita?

How will Amrita face this new problem along with the existing problems as we tell you how I found you or the serial which is going on soon and by the way you get to watch this serial in Hindi serials. To watch today’s full episode 10th December 2023 episode online, visit zee5.com

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