Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th December 2023 Written Update

How did I get you or I get to watch the serial for a long time, while it is seen that the episode of 12th December 2023 starts from the next day and Virat confronts one of his friends for finding drugs in Amrita’s drink. He tells his friend all the instructions and then he goes to the waiter with the intoxicating drink, which is served as lemonade. Virat’s friend mixes powder in the drink before giving it to the waiter. In the other room, Amrita is working on some papers, when the waiter comes in.

He asks her to have lemonade and she drinks it without any doubt. Meanwhile, Virat goes to see if the intoxicating drink is working or not, and it is as per his belief. Amrita suddenly feels her head spinning and as she stands up slowly, she starts feeling dizzy. Virat smiles seeing Amrita holding her head, while Sheki feels that Virat has been too strict on Amrita this time,

Which he should not have done. Will Amrita find herself in trouble as she will be drunk now? Will Virat later feel guilty about his dead or not? To know this you must watch the serial How I Met You which is going to air on 12th December 2023. To watch the serial visit zee5.com

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