Kundali Bhagya 12th December 2023 Written Update

We are going to talk about Kundali Bhagya 12th December 2023 Written Update The episode starts with Rajveer and Palki dancing where everyone is seen praising them for their dance whereas Meanwhile, it is seen that Shaurya decides to dance with the party to prove that he finds Rajveer’s reason more favorable in dancing with the party while he goes and holds her hand. but he starts feeling strange

Due to which she scolds him for doing so and asks him to stay within his limits whereupon he says that he wants to dance with her and hearing this everyone agrees. Everyone is shocked as he says that he will marry her because he loves her and he is not going to marry Sanaya at all which breaks Sanaya’s heart completely and she is also very sad. feeling while seeing

That Daljeet scolds him a lot for acting so mature and breaking Samay’s heart when he says that he never approved of this marriage at all, so how can he expect that He will definitely marry her, whereas in the meanwhile, Lakha goes and slaps him and Tej says that he will have to marry Sanaya at any cost, this cannot happen at all and Rajveer is also very angry at her. Becomes more angry and says

That Palki is his love so no one can snatch her away from him at all. Now here a big orgy takes place. Will Shaurya break his marriage with Sanaya or will he have to marry her forcefully and will he marry Palki? Will be seen in the upcoming episode, which is still suspenseful, will premiere on zee5.com on 12th December 2023. This episode will be seen with a much more interesting story.

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