Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2023 Written Update

Here you get to watch the episode of Kundali Bhaag Gaya 9th December 2023, the serial has been running for a long time, today or the serial has reached this point and the episode starts with the fact that Shaurya is going for his engagement. Getting ready and satisfied that police has arrested Rajveer. Meanwhile, Rakhi brings a mixture for Dadi and after drinking it Dadi recovers quickly and everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Rajveer tells them

That he should go now as his mother will be waiting at home while Karan tells him that he can’t go now as he needs his help. He also asks her to call her mother for Shaurya’s engagement. However, Rajveer makes an excuse saying that Preeta is worried about Srishti and will not come with them. Later, Shaurya comes down

And gets shocked seeing Rajveer while Rajveer sees his expression and asks him why he is looking surprised. Shaurya rudely tells him that he was hoping that he would not be able to see her tonight but it seems he is not that lucky. Later, Shaurya asks him if the police came to his house, while Rajeer tells him

That the police had come to their house due to some misunderstanding but had to leave empty handed. Since the drugs are still in Rajveer’s pocket, will Shaurya once again try to trap Rajveer? Will Preeta sabotage Shaurya’s engagement party? If you want to watch this serial of Kundali Bhagya then you can watch this Hindi serial very well.

At the same time, Kundali Bhagya today’s episode starting from 9 December 2023 is available to watch very well. If you want to watch this serial complete watch online then go to zee 5.com.

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