LTNS Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers Explained; Does Esom & Ahn Jae-Hong’s First Blackmail Go as Planned?

The second episode of the romantic comedy K-drama “LTNS,” starring Esom as Woo-Jin and Ahn Jae-Hong as Samuel, premiered on TVING and Viki on January 19, 2024. This episode takes the audience on a humorous journey as the married couple, Woo-Jin and Samuel, ventures into the unconventional world of blackmail. Despite their lack of experience, the couple is determined to catch individuals engaged in immoral affairs and make some quick money.

Setting the Stage for Blackmail

The episode begins with Woo-Jin and Samuel deciding to delve into the risky business of catching people involved in unfaithful relationships. Their lack of experience in the blackmailing world adds a comedic twist to the storyline as they eagerly plan to expose disloyal individuals.

Targeting the Unfaithful

The central plot unfolds with an intimate moment between a man and a woman. The unexpected revelation that the man is not only married but also has a child becomes the catalyst for Woo-Jin and Samuel’s new business venture. Intrigued by the potential financial gains from exposing cheaters, the couple plans to exploit their affairs through blackmail.

Planning the Blackmail Operation

With their mission set, Woo-Jin and Samuel embark on the task of finding their first target. Their attention is drawn to the couple from the initial scene. Leveraging Woo-Jin’s employment at a hotel, Samuel attempts to capture incriminating pictures of the unfaithful pair.

Sympathy for the Woman

During the process of taking pictures, Samuel experiences a moment of empathy for the woman involved. He recognizes her genuine feelings for the man, contrasting sharply with the man’s lack of interest in leaving his wife for her.

Earning the Blackmail Material

Recognizing that mere pictures may not be sufficient for their blackmail plan, Woo-Jin and Samuel decide to track the man to his workplace. To their surprise, both the man and the woman work at the same place. Seizing an opportune moment during a work break, the couple gets intimate inside the man’s car, providing Samuel and Woo-Jin with the evidence they need.

Seizing the Opportunity

A golden opportunity presents itself when Samuel captures footage of the couple’s intimate encounter. Their car is conveniently parked beside Samuel and Woo-Jin’s vehicle, this footage becomes the linchpin for initiating their blackmailing process.

Calculating the Blackmail

Further complicating the situation, Samuel and Woo-Jin learn that the man’s wife is pregnant, painting him as a worse character in the audience’s eyes. This revelation prompts the couple to deliberate on the amount of money they should demand to keep the affair a secret.

Delivering the Blackmail

With a calculated amount in mind, Samuel delivers the evidence and the blackmail letter to the trembling man. Faced with the threat of exposure, the man, in a frightened state, agrees to pay up. However, complications arise when he approaches the woman involved, requesting half of the money to give to the blackmailer. The woman, realizing the man’s lack of commitment to a future together, refuses.

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Success Amidst Imperfections

Despite the hiccups, the man eventually brings half of the agreed-upon money to Samuel and Woo-Jin. Counting the money at home, the couple realizes it falls short of their initial expectations. Nevertheless, they receive a letter from the man, acknowledging that it is all he can afford. In light of the circumstances, Samuel and Woo-Jin decide to accept the partial payment.


The second episode of “LTNS” brilliantly combines elements of comedy and intrigue as Woo-Jin and Samuel navigate the unconventional world of blackmail. Their imperfect yet successful venture sets the stage for further entertaining escapades in upcoming episodes. The episode not only provides a humorous take on a rather serious theme but also establishes the characters’ dynamic and resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges. As the audience eagerly anticipates what lies ahead for Woo-Jin and Samuel, “LTNS” continues to deliver a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and unexpected twists.

FAQ – “LTNS” Episode 2: Woo-Jin and Samuel’s Blackmailing Misadventure

Q1: When did the second episode of “LTNS” air?

A1: The second episode of “LTNS” premiered on TVING and Viki on Friday, January 19, 2024.

Q2: Who are the main characters in “LTNS” Episode 2?

A2: The series stars Esom as Woo-Jin and Ahn Jae-Hong as Samuel, who are a married couple embarking on a comical journey of blackmail.

Q3: What is the premise of Episode 2?

A3: Episode 2 revolves around Woo-Jin and Samuel’s attempt to start a blackmailing business to catch individuals engaged in immoral affairs. Despite their lack of experience, they are determined to fulfill their first mission.

Q4: How do Woo-Jin and Samuel choose their first target?

A4: The couple identifies their first target by capturing intimate moments between a man and a woman. The twist reveals that the man is married and has a child, inspiring Woo-Jin and Samuel to expose unfaithful individuals.

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