Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 2 Recap, Summary and Explained

In the sprawling narrative of “Masters of the Universe: Revolution,” the second episode, “Ascension,” unfolds a riveting tale across five episodes on Netflix. Produced by Mattel Productions and drawing inspiration from Mattel Toys, the episode delves into the childhood of Randor and Keldor, unraveling family secrets that will become the linchpin for the unfolding drama. The revelation of Keldor’s true parentage and his unexpected return foreshadows an epic clash with the malevolent Skeletor, setting the stage for a series of events that promise to captivate audiences.

Childhood Secrets Unveiled

Ascension” commences with a poignant flashback, offering a glimpse into the formative years of Randor and Keldor. Keldor’s chance discovery of a hidden stash becomes the catalyst for an earth-shattering revelation – he is not the biological son of his parents. The implications of this shocking truth add layers of complexity to the dynamics of their family, setting the tone for the intricate plot that will unfold. The narrative intricately weaves this revelation, making it a focal point of the episode, and Keldor’s disclosure to Adam adds an additional layer of emotional weight to the unfolding drama.

Keldor’s Return

As the episode progresses, Keldor’s return takes center stage, coinciding with the menacing attack orchestrated by Skeletor. The circumstances surrounding Keldor’s reappearance hint at an enigmatic agenda, shrouding his character in mystery. The unexpected nature of his return injects suspense into the narrative, heightening the impending conflict with Skeletor. The audience is left on the edge of their seats, eager to understand the true motivations behind Keldor’s resurfacing.

Teela and Lord Granamyr

Amidst the chaos, Teela embarks on a perilous mission that leads to a critical encounter with Lord Granamyr, a formidable dragon with a pivotal role in the unfolding events. The conversation between Teela and Granamyr becomes a crucial plot point, unveiling the tragic demise of the king. Granamyr’s initial reluctance to aid Teela introduces a significant obstacle, adding complexity to the narrative and raising questions about the extent of external influences on Eternia’s fate.

Skeletor’s Rampage

Skeletor’s assault on the town escalates, creating a palpable sense of danger for its citizens. He-Man, accompanied by Keldor, confronts the malevolent Skeletor, initiating a fierce battle that forms the core of the episode. Skeletor’s ability to transform his victims into Techno Titans adds a dark and malevolent twist to the conflict, elevating the stakes for our heroes. The ensuing battle becomes a visual spectacle, with the fate of Eternia hanging in the balance.

He-Man’s Dilemma

As the conflict intensifies, He-Man makes a heartbreaking discovery – children transformed into Techno Titans. This revelation adds emotional depth to the narrative, transforming the battle into a moral imperative for He-Man. The dilemmas faced by He-Man underscore the broader consequences of the ongoing struggle, emphasizing the ethical dimensions of the characters’ choices.

Teela’s Quest for Help

Teela, faced with the monumental task of aiding the king’s spirit, seeks assistance from the enigmatic Evil Lyn. Their encounter becomes a pivotal moment, revealing the source of Granamyr’s distress and linking it to Evil Lyn’s actions. Teela’s plea for help sets the stage for an intriguing alliance, marking a potential turning point in the battle against the forces of evil. The evolving dynamics between Teela and Evil Lyn add depth to their characters, introducing a complex interplay of motives and alliances.

The Sword’s Healing Power

He-Man’s discovery that his sword possesses the unique ability to heal those affected by Skeletor’s dark influence becomes a crucial element in the ongoing conflict. This revelation amplifies the collaborative effort required to overcome the impending threat, emphasizing the interdependence of the characters. The sword’s healing power transforms it into a symbol of hope and resilience, as He-Man endeavors to amplify its range to better combat Skeletor’s nefarious plans. The storyline skillfully integrates this element, highlighting the importance of unity in the face of adversity.

Keldor’s Coronation

As the battle rages on, Adam makes a surprising decision – presenting Eterno’s crown to his uncle Keldor. The crowning of Keldor as the king, accompanied by a suspicious smile, introduces a layer of intrigue and tension. This unexpected turn of events hints at underlying tensions within the royal family and foreshadows potential consequences for the kingdom. The ambiguity surrounding Keldor’s intentions leaves viewers questioning the true nature of his role in the unfolding drama.

Skeletor’s Deception

A cunning twist takes center stage as Keldor’s appearance in Skeletor’s kingdom is revealed to be a deception. Skeletor, assuming the guise of Keldor, infiltrates Adam’s realm, creating confusion and setting the stage for further machinations. The revelation of Skeletor’s deception adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, casting doubt on the true identities of the characters and raising the stakes for the protagonists. This clever plot development injects a sense of unpredictability into the storyline, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the repercussions of Skeletor’s infiltration.

Granamyr’s Riddle and Transformation

Teela’s persistence and determination yield results as Evil Lyn convinces Lord Granamyr to offer assistance. However, Granamyr presents a challenge in the form of a riddle, testing Teela’s intellect and resolve. Overcoming this obstacle becomes a defining moment for Teela, showcasing her growth as a character. The subsequent transformation, guided by the mystical dragon speech, introduces a supernatural element to Teela’s character, potentially altering the course of the battle. This intricate subplot adds depth to the narrative, blending elements of fantasy and mystery.


Ascension” weaves a complex tapestry of family secrets, unexpected alliances, and the relentless threat of Skeletor. The episode explores the multifaceted characters, their struggles, and the evolving dynamics that will shape the fate of Eternia. As Skeletor’s plans unfold and alliances are tested, the stage is set for an exhilarating continuation of “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” in subsequent episodes. The intricate storytelling, character development, and unexpected twists contribute to the series’ appeal, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the unfolding saga in this captivating world of fantasy and intrigue. “Ascension” not only serves as a pivotal chapter in the ongoing narrative but also establishes the series as a masterful blend of action, emotion, and mystique.


Q1: What is “Masters of the Universe: Revolution”?

A1: “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” is a Netflix series inspired by Mattel Toys and produced by Mattel Productions. It continues the iconic “Masters of the Universe” franchise, featuring a captivating narrative, intricate characters, and a blend of action and fantasy.

Q2: How many episodes are there, and where can I watch them?

A2: The series has a total of five episodes, with each episode available for streaming on Netflix.

Q3: What happens in Episode 2, “Ascension”?

A3: “Ascension” delves into the childhood of characters Randor and Keldor, revealing family secrets. Keldor’s unexpected return coincides with Skeletor’s attack, leading to a fierce battle. Teela encounters the formidable Lord Granamyr, and He-Man discovers the emotional toll of Skeletor’s actions.

Q4: Who are the main characters in this episode?

A4: The episode features characters like Randor, Keldor, He-Man, Teela, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, and Lord Granamyr, each playing pivotal roles in the unfolding narrative.

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