Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 3 Recap, and Explained

The animated adventure thriller fantasy, “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution,” continues to captivate audiences with its recently released third episode on Netflix. Serving as a spin-off to the iconic Masters of The Universe franchise and inspired by Mattel toys, the show presents a fresh and enthralling take on the beloved characters. With 5 episodes available in the English language, the series explores new dimensions in its storyline.

Stonedar’s Challenge

Episode 3 kicks off with Stonedar, a character from the series, challenging the formidable Hordak to save his people. The confrontation unfolds with Hordak’s army attacking Stonedar, creating an intense and visually captivating scene. The episode immediately establishes high stakes and sets the tone for the challenges the characters will face.

Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins with Stonedar challenging Hordak in an attempt to save his people. The intense confrontation results in Hordak’s army attacking Stonedar, leading to a dramatic battle. Unfortunately, Stonedar falls to the ground, highlighting the severity of the conflict.

In a surprising turn of events, Hordak expresses satisfaction upon learning about Keldor’s deception. Skeletor joins Hordak for a conversation, revealing that Skeletor is unaware of Keldor’s true identity. The tension rises as Motherboard, under Hordak’s command, physically assaults Skeletor. However, a startling transformation occurs when Skeletor starts seeing Keldor, and Keldor appears in reality. It is then revealed that Skeletech is, in fact, Keldor himself.

Meanwhile, Teela undergoes rigorous training under the guidance of Lyn. Teela unlocks newfound power, and the two engage in a conversation about their shared commitment to the kingdom.

At the palace, Skeletech, now known to be Keldor, once again assumes the guise of Keldor. He-Man, unaware of Keldor’s true identity, interacts with Skeletech and inquires about the whereabouts of his sword. Adam (He-Man’s alter ego) claims he sent it for repairs.

Orko takes the Sword of He-Man to Gwildor for assistance. Initially reluctant, Gwildor eventually agrees to help after learning that it involves He-Man.

Simultaneously, at the palace, Andra and Keldor discuss the impending attack orchestrated by Skeletech. Andra decides to support Keldor, adding complexity to the evolving alliances.

He-Man, now in Snake Land, engages in a fierce battle. Meanwhile, Keldor showcases a new invention to everyone, and Andra remains unaware that Skeletech is indirectly forming a new team.

As Adam reaches Skeletech’s location, he discovers Keldor’s crown. The shocking realization hits him: Keldor is Skeletech. He-Man contacts Teela, who is on her way to assist.

Andra observes that everyone begins following Keldor, indicating the success of Skeletech’s manipulation. Motherboard introduces a new technology that blocks He-Man’s powers, causing Adam to lose his strength.

Hordak, seizing the powers of Grayskull, exults in his triumph. His army captures Adam, who is now powerless. In a moment of shocking revelation, Adam sees Keldor at the scene, unaware that Skeletech is, in fact, Keldor.

The episode concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment to unravel the consequences of these shocking revelations.

Hordak’s Joyful Revelation

The episode kicks off with Hordak’s discovery of Keldor’s true identity, casting a shadow over Skeletor’s plans. The joy Hordak experiences adds a layer of tension and excitement to the narrative. This revelation not only showcases the intricacies of the characters’ relationships but also sets the stage for Skeletor’s eventual confrontation with the truth.

Teela’s Intense Training

Simultaneously, Teela undergoes rigorous training under the watchful eye of Lyn. The unlocking of Teela’s significant powers becomes a focal point, hinting at her evolving role in the unfolding events. The interaction between Teela and Lyn adds depth to their characters, shedding light on their shared commitment to the kingdom and foreshadowing Teela’s pivotal role in the conflict to come.

Skeletech’s Manipulation

Back at the palace, Skeletech, disguised as Keldor, continues to manipulate those around him. He engages with He-Man, oblivious to the deception, discussing the whereabouts of He-Man’s sword. The intricate plot weaves together deception and alliances, creating a sense of suspense as viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the moment when Skeletor’s true identity will be unveiled.

Gwildor and Orko’s Quest

Meanwhile, Orko, armed with He-Man’s sword, seeks the help of Gwildor. Gwildor’s initial reluctance transforms into cooperation when He-Man’s name is invoked, setting the stage for a journey that adds a layer of mystery and anticipation to the unfolding narrative. The quest for truth and justice becomes a central theme as Gwildor and Orko navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Andra and Keldor’s Alliance

Simultaneously, Andra and Keldor forge an alliance as they discuss the impending attack orchestrated by Skeletech. Andra’s decision to aid Keldor further complicates the intricate web of alliances and betrayals. The characters’ motivations become increasingly entangled as the plot progresses, keeping viewers guessing about the true allegiances of each character.

He-Man’s Shocking Discovery

In the midst of a battle at Snake Land, He-Man makes a startling discovery – Skeletech is, in fact, Keldor. This revelation creates a moment of shock that reverberates through the narrative, setting the stage for a dramatic turn of events. He-Man’s realization adds a personal dimension to the conflict, as he grapples with the betrayal of someone he once considered an ally.

Motherboard’s Technological Challenge

Adding another layer of complexity, Motherboard introduces a new technology that disrupts He-Man’s powers. This technological interference becomes a significant obstacle for our heroes, forcing them to adapt and strategize in the face of an unprecedented threat. The introduction of Motherboard’s technology raises the stakes and adds a sense of urgency to the unfolding events.

Hordak’s Triumph

As the episode reaches its climax, Hordak, fueled by the powers of Grayskull, celebrates his triumph. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Adam, unaware of Keldor’s true identity, finds himself in a dire situation. The shock and suspense intensify as Episode 3 concludes, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the resolution of the intricate web of alliances, betrayals, and technological challenges in the episodes to come.


“Masters Of The Universe: Revolution” Episode 3 masterfully weaves together action, intrigue, and character development. The revelation of Skeletech’s true identity, the evolving alliances, and the technological challenges introduce new dimensions to the storyline. With Hordak’s triumph and Adam’s shocking realization, the episode concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment. The series continues to explore the complexities of its characters and the ever-unfolding drama in the world of Eternia.


Q1: What is “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution,” and where can I watch it?

A1: “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution” is a recently released animated adventure thriller fantasy Netflix Original series inspired by Mattel toys. It serves as a spin-off to the previous “Masters of The Universe” shows on Netflix and is available for streaming with 5 episodes in the English language with English subtitles.

Q2: What happens in Episode 3?

A2: Episode 3 begins with Stonedar challenging Hordak to save his people, leading to a fierce battle. Skeletor’s deception is uncovered as Hordak and Skeletor have a conversation, revealing Keldor’s true identity. Teela undergoes intense training, and Skeletech, who is Keldor in disguise, continues to manipulate those around him. Gwildor becomes involved as Orko seeks help for He-Man’s sword. Andra and Keldor discuss an impending attack, and He-Man discovers the shocking truth about Skeletech’s identity.

Q3: Who is Skeletech, and how does his true identity impact the storyline?

A3: Skeletech is revealed to be Keldor in disguise. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the storyline, impacting alliances and introducing a new level of deception. Skeletor, unaware of Keldor’s true identity, becomes a key player in the unfolding events.

Q4: What is Teela’s role in Episode 3?

A4: Teela undergoes intense training under the guidance of Lyn, unlocking significant power. Her evolving role becomes evident as she engages in a conversation with Lyn about their commitment to the kingdom.

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