Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Update

If you follow the written update of Pandian Store 12th December 2023, here the episode starts with Dhaval holding Natasha’s hand and stuff and he is seen coming down. Dhaval is seen holding his hand. Amba starts feeling completely worried and she doesn’t understand at all what Dhaval is going to do to her. Meanwhile, Dharawahi gets to see Dhaval throw Natasha out of the house. and slams the door shut on his face

Now here we get to see that after this he says that finally the biggest tension in the family is over and everything has completely changed but we get to see that Amresh comes forward to hug him. He moves but Dhawal stops him there and feels like crying over his decision and also starts asking him not to come close to her, on which we get to see that he says that he did as per the wish of the Englishman. worked and asks not to expect anything else from him

Later it is shown that he goes back to his room and starts crying and screaming at himself and feels a lot of remorse and a lot of self-service to provide Natasha with bad times. While in the meantime we get to see in the stream that Natasha is standing outside Makwana’s house and she is also thinking.

Now where will she go in the end, then Chiku reaches there with Suman, will Dhawal take Natasha back or is there something else to see, although it remains to be seen whether Natasha will be there forever. Will it go away or will it come back, you are going to see this thing in the latest episode of 12th December 2023 which will be available to watch on

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