Parineeti 10th December 2023 Written Update

Today’s serial which has been running for a long time, let us talk about the beginning of the serial of 10th December 2023 when Neeti again goes back to Rajiv’s room and switches off the light, then it starts with her there. is seen

She tries to make things better by reminding him of her old hair and she kisses him on the forehead and then hugs him tightly. Rajiv continues to try to control his emotions and faces her hard. Gets to see the action and after some time he yells at her and tells her to stay away

Then she switches on the lights and takes him to the balcony, holds his hand and tries to remind him of their first meeting. She asks if he doesn’t feel anything for her when she tries to hug and kiss him and Rajiv says that he doesn’t feel anything for her anymore. he repeats the same thing again

That he is now committed to Pari so from now on she is everything to him, hence he has no interest in any other woman. After that Neeti goes and tells Bebe that she wants to ruin Puri’s face. What will Neeti do with Pari? Will Rajeev be able to save Pari again or not? You can watch Parineeti serials in Hindi and online. For this you go to Jio

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