Parineeti 11th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti serial is available to watch very well whereas it is seen that this serial is running for a long time so today’s episode written update 11th December 2023 is started very well whereas this The episode starts with Rajeev going back home and he meets Pari. Pari is seen stressed and asks her why.

What happened after which she says that she is not happy in this marriage. Rajiv asks that reason and she tells him that she does not want to come in between his and Neeti’s life. However Raju says that Neeti left them. It is seen that he promises her that there will be no complications in her life while Neeti calls Baby and tells him everything.

After what happened to her, the next day the haldi ceremony is about to begin and Neeti decides to ruin Pari’s face so she asks Web to find chemicals in Pari’s haldi. Dev gets the chemicals and Neeti does this. She watches through video call and sees that after some time the ceremony starts. Pammi asks Gurinder to start.

But she leaves from there so Pammi mixes turmeric and applies it on Pari’s face. Will turmeric react on Pari’s face, will Neeti be successful in ruining Pari’s skin or not, to see this you should download Parineeti Hindi TV serial and watch Parineeti serial today episode 11th December 2023. For more visit jio

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