Radha Mohan 10th December 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th December 2023 serial which is very good to watch, today’s serial which is very good to watch, today’s episode starts with Radha falling into this dilemma. She decides whether she should tell Mohan about Tulsi’s soul or not. She remembers that Kadambari had warned her that if she told Mohan about Tulsi’s soul, it might affect their marriage.

, because Tulsi is Mohan’s first love. On the other hand, the female Tantrik enters Trivedi’s house to capture Tulsi’s soul on Damini’s demand. She starts making a trap for it, just like she makes a pattern on the ground and calls Tulsi’s spirit. Tulsi’s spirit appears before the female Tantrik and asks who she is and what she wants, and also asks how she can see him. Female tantric introduces the soul of Tulsi

And starts using the method of soul trapping. While in the hospital, Tulsi’s soul feels pain and calls Mohan, Mohan senses that Tulsi is in trouble and calls him. Radha notices this and decides to tell Mohan about the existence of Tulsi’s spirit in their house. She moves towards Mohan to tell him the truth

, while at home the female Tantrik captures Tulsi’s soul and traps it in a bottle. Will Radha be able to get Mohan out of Tulsi’s soul or not? To see how Lady Tantrik will be able to save Tulsi’s soul, you will have to watch all the episodes of Radha Mohan and to watch the 10th December 2023 episode online, visit zee5.com

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