Radha Mohan 11th December 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan, this serial which has been running for a long time, let us tell you that this serial has reached this point that what will be shown in the episode of 11th December 2023, so this episode started with Damini acting crazy. He goes there and sees that he starts throwing things around the house in anger. The nurse tries hard to calm him down and informs Mohan that Damini is feeling serious.

And she needs stability for which she must have supportive people around her. She immediately runs and hugs Mohan while he consoles her. Later Radha and Gungun return to Trivedi Bhavan with Dulari and close the door. The bell rings when Radha opens the door and sees that it is Mohan who is returning home with Kaveri and Damini.

She questions him sharply as to why he has brought these two evil mother and son duo here while Mohan tries to remind Radha that this house also belongs to Kaveri and Damini. Damini smiles softly as she feels that Mohan is joining her and will soon leave Radha too in a week however before everyone can proceed into the house Radha asks them to stop now where is

Tulsi and where is Guru Maa Kadambari, where is Kadambari here, to know why Kadambari came close to becoming Damini’s friend, you must watch this serial, which is seen in the beginning of the Radha Mohan serial episode very well. To watch the serial of 11th December 2023 visit zee5.com

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