Radha Mohan 21st January 2024 Written Update

In today’s episode of “Radha Mohan,” the story takes a suspenseful turn as Tulsi finds herself in a dilemma while Radha decides to confront Damini to save her daughter and husband. The episode begins with Tulsi contemplating an idea to rescue her family from the clutches of Damini.

Meanwhile, Radha, determined to bring back Mohan and Gungun, decides to enter the ring of fire. However, Tulsi intervenes, preventing Radha from taking such a risky step. Tulsi warns Radha that entering the ring of fire would not only jeopardize Mohan and Gungun but also pose a severe threat to Radha’s own life.

Damini, sitting comfortably on a sofa, revels in the pain and suffering of Radha and Tulsi. She callously remarks that they deserve the anguish they are experiencing, as they have supposedly snatched Mohan from her.

Radha, in desperation, questions Damini’s inhumanity and wonders how she can be so heartless. Damini, unfazed by Radha’s pleas, coldly states that circumstances have led her to take such drastic measures.

As the situation intensifies, Tulsi mysteriously disappears, leaving Radha in a state of panic and confusion. The suspense builds as Radha grapples with the sudden turn of events and the absence of Tulsi.

The episode concludes, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the mysteries surrounding Damini’s actions and the fate of Radha, Mohan, and Gungun. To catch up on all the suspense and drama, viewers can visit zee5.com to download the episodes or watch the full episode online. “Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan” continues to captivate its audience with its intriguing storyline and unexpected twists.

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