Radha Mohan 9th December 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan serial which has been running for a long time, it is seen that to watch today’s Radha Mohan serial, the serial of 10th December 2023 which is available to watch very well, it is there that let us tell you that in this The episode starts with Damini smiling while Radha stops herself from resisting Mohan’s touch.

Because he holds her tightly in the hospital. Mohan says that in a week, he is going to expose Damini and that he has not forgotten what she did to her entire family. Radha steps back and tells Mohan That he is with her. She places her palm in his and declares that she and Banke Bihari will always be with him and she has his full support.

, In the wardroom, Damini speaks the same words that in a week she will snatch Mohan from Radha and become Mrs. Damini Mohan Trivedi. However, Kaveri is skeptical about whether Damini’s plan will work or not as both Radha and Radha are working on the plan. Mohan is cunning and Damini has always been cheated by Mohan.

Will Mohan make Damini fall in love with him, will Kaveri suspect Mohan’s sudden love for Damini, to see this you must watch all the serials of Radha Mohan, tell us that if you want to watch the episode of 10th December 2023. If you want then you can go to zee5.com

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