Richard Henderson Shot And Killed On Subway Train On Brooklyn

In a tragic turn of events on a Sunday night in Brooklyn, Richard Henderson, a 45-year-old resident of Crown Heights, met an untimely demise while courageously attempting to mediate a dispute on a tube train. Henderson, characterized by his family as a man with an unwavering commitment to peace, found himself in the crossfire of a conflict over loud music, resulting in him being fatally shot twice. The incident has sent shockwaves through his tight-knit community, leaving both his family and neighbors in a state of profound grief.

Henderson’s selfless nature is echoed in the sentiments shared by his distraught family, who remember him as a dedicated grandfather, father of three, and a compassionate individual. The sorrow felt by his loved ones is palpable, underscoring the devastating impact of this senseless act of violence. As the community grapples with the loss of a peacemaker, the incident serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the unpredictable nature of unfortunate circumstances that can befall even those who seek to promote harmony. In the wake of this tragedy, questions arise about the need for increased awareness and collective efforts to address escalating conflicts within communities, ensuring that the legacy of Richard Henderson inspires a renewed commitment to fostering understanding and unity.

Richard Henderson Shot And Killed

The tragic death of Richard Henderson has shaken the community in Brooklyn, where the 45-year-old man was shot and killed while trying to break up a quarrel on a tube train. Described as a peacemaker who always sought harmony, Henderson intervened in a dispute over loud music, resulting in him being shot in the shoulder and back. His distraught family, including his wife Jakeba Dockery and brother Jermaine Henderson, remembered him as a selfless individual who would go to great lengths to help others.

The incident occurred on a Sunday night as Henderson was heading towards Manhattan. Despite his efforts to mediate the conflict, he fell victim to a senseless act of violence. Henderson’s tragic death has left his family and the community grappling with the loss of a devoted grandfather and father of three.

Known for his passion for the Philadelphia Eagles, Henderson was eager to enjoy a game with friends, highlighting his enthusiasm for simple pleasures. Anthony Williams, a friend who was with Henderson during the incident, emphasized that they were not provoking the assailant.

As the community mourns the loss of a peacemaker, the incident raises questions about escalating violence in neighborhoods. The family and friends of Richard Henderson remember him for his commitment to service and promoting peace, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of unity and understanding in communities facing the aftermath of such tragedies.

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The Tragic Incident

The tragic incident unfolded at approximately 8:15 p.m. on a Brooklyn tube train en route to Manhattan, casting a somber shadow over the community. Richard Henderson, recognized for his commitment to maintaining peace, found himself in the midst of a dispute that ultimately led to his untimely death. Henderson courageously intervened to quell a heated altercation between his eventual assailant and another man, stemming from a disagreement over loud music.

In an act of selflessness and bravery, Henderson sought to de-escalate the tension, a characteristic that defined his reputation within the community. However, his noble intervention took a devastating turn as he became the target of violence. The dispute escalated to a tragic conclusion, with Henderson sustaining fatal gunshot wounds to both his shoulder and back.

The heartbreaking outcome of his attempt to promote harmony serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable and often perilous nature of intervening in conflicts. Henderson’s tragic fate underscores the high personal cost that individuals may pay when striving to maintain peace within their communities. As the community mourns the loss of a peacemaker, his story serves as a call for reflection on the importance of finding non-violent resolutions to conflicts, even in the face of escalating tensions.

Family and Community Mourning

Jakeba Dockery, Richard Henderson’s grieving wife, opened up about her profound sorrow to The Post, highlighting the virtues of her late husband as a fundamentally decent man who consistently sought fairness in all aspects of life. The heart-wrenching tragedy has brought the family together at Henderson’s in-laws’ Brooklyn residence, creating a somber space for them to collectively mourn the loss of a beloved grandfather. Henderson, whose devotion to his two little girls was paramount, exemplified a life centered around family values.

Jermaine Henderson, the victim’s elder brother, provided insight into Richard’s altruistic nature, portraying him as an individual who would selflessly offer assistance to others without hesitation. Jermaine expressed deep bewilderment in the face of the tragedy, emphasizing Richard’s lifelong commitment to helping people. In a poignant reflection on his brother’s character, Jermaine stated, “He died helping someone. That’s just what he did his whole life: Help people.”

The sentiments shared by Henderson’s wife and brother paint a vivid picture of a man whose character was defined by decency, fairness, and an unwavering dedication to supporting others. As the family grapples with the profound loss of a beloved patriarch, the community is left to reflect on the enduring impact of Richard Henderson’s legacy, marked by his commitment to selflessness and compassion.

A Life Dedicated to Service

Richard Henderson’s dedication to service and his role as a peacemaker transcended the boundaries of his immediate family, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him. Relatives, attesting to his generous nature, spoke of Henderson’s willingness to mediate conflicts, portraying him as a bridge-builder in the community. Jermaine, his brother, highlighted Richard’s consistent efforts to promote harmony, emphasizing his role as a peacemaker.

The family now grapples with the incomprehensible reality of a senseless act of violence that took Henderson’s life. The tragedy unfolded as he was simply returning home to his family, emphasizing the randomness and cruelty of the incident. The shock and disbelief within the family circle underscore the profound loss of a man who dedicated his life to fostering understanding and resolving conflicts within his community.

Henderson’s legacy as a peacemaker and compassionate individual shines through in the accounts of his relatives, further amplifying the tragedy of his untimely death. As the community mourns the loss of a beloved figure, the void left by Richard Henderson’s absence serves as a stark reminder of the importance of promoting peace and understanding in the face of senseless violence.

Hobbies and Last Moments

The late Henderson was an avid Philadelphia Eagles supporter, known for his enthusiasm for the team. Despite the Eagles’ absence from the game on Monday night, he looked forward to enjoying a great time with friends. Anthony Williams, a friend who was with Henderson during the tragic incident, recounted their return from another friend’s house after watching a football game. Williams emphasized that they were not provoking the assailant, stating, “We weren’t doing nothing to that man. We remained silent.” The assailant entered the train, escalating the situation while music played over the speakers.


The senseless killing of Richard Henderson has cast a shadow of grief, creating a profound void in the hearts of both his immediate family and the broader community. Henderson’s life was marked by a dedication to serving others and promoting peace, making his tragic demise all the more poignant.

As the mourning process unfolds, questions naturally arise about the escalating violence within our communities. Henderson’s untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for unity and understanding. The tragedy prompts reflection on the root causes of such violence and the measures that can be taken to address and prevent such incidents in the future.

The incident in Brooklyn not only marks the loss of a beloved peacemaker but also underscores the broader societal challenge of navigating and curbing violence. The aftermath of Henderson’s death prompts a collective call for communities to come together, fostering unity and empathy to counteract the destructive forces that lead to such senseless acts.

In grappling with this tragedy, the community is prompted to seek solutions, advocate for change, and work towards creating environments where the principles of peace and understanding prevail. Richard Henderson’s legacy becomes a rallying point, inspiring a collective commitment to building safer, more compassionate communities.


Q1: Who was Richard Henderson, and what happened to him?

A1: Richard Henderson was a 45-year-old resident of Crown Heights, known for his commitment to peacekeeping. He tragically lost his life when he intervened in a dispute on a Brooklyn tube train, attempting to break up a fight over loud music. He was shot twice during the incident.

Q2: What were the circumstances surrounding the incident?

A2: The incident occurred around 8:15 p.m. on a Sunday night while Henderson was on a Brooklyn tube train heading towards Manhattan. He intervened in a quarrel between two individuals over loud music, which resulted in him being fatally shot in the shoulder and back.

Q3: How has Henderson’s family and community responded to the tragedy?

A3: Henderson’s wife, Jakeba Dockery, and his elder brother, Jermaine Henderson, have expressed profound grief. The family gathered to mourn the loss of a devoted grandfather and father of three. The community is grappling with the impact of losing a peacemaker.

Q4: What was Richard Henderson’s personality and reputation within the community?

A4: Henderson was described as a man who always sought peace, a dedicated family man, and a peacemaker. His generous nature and willingness to mediate conflicts were recognized not only within his immediate family but also among relatives and the broader community.

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