[update] Ruzgarli tepe Episode 26 Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need to Know

news: Ruzgarli tepe,” a Turkish drama TV series airing on Kanal 7 since 2024, has successfully drawn audiences into its intricate narrative. With a star-studded cast including Gökberk Yildirim, Cemre Arda, and Zeynep Serpil Bozkurt, the show presents a captivating exploration of love, pain, and the consequences of life’s uncertainties. As the series unfolds, viewers are introduced to the lives of Zeynep and Halil, two individuals from different worlds whose fates become entwined in a story rich with drama and emotion.


TitleRuzgarli tepe
NetworkKanal 7
Total EpisodesTo be confirmed
Release DateFebruary 5, 2024
Release Time9:00 PM
Episode Number26
Also Known AsRuzgarli tepe Ep 26, Ruzgarli tepe (2024)
Main StarsGökberk Yildirim, Cemre Arda, Zeynep Serpil Bozkurt

Currently in its first season, “Ruzgarli tepe” delves into the complexities of the characters’ backgrounds, providing a detailed and immersive narrative. Each episode contributes to the unfolding drama, offering viewers a glimpse into the pain, struggles, and decisions that shape the lives of Zeynep and Halil. The series promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its engaging storyline and the talented ensemble cast.

Release Date (Approx. 150 words):
Scheduled to release its 26th episode on February 5, 2024, at 9 PM on Kanal 7, “Ruzgarli tepe” continues to captivate audiences with its weekly installment. The carefully chosen release dates contribute to the anticipation and excitement surrounding each episode, ensuring that viewers have a consistent and engaging source of entertainment.


Gökberk YildirimHalil
Cemre ArdaZeynep
Zeynep Serpil BozkurtNot specified
Dilek AbaNot specified
Adem BalCemil
Ilkay Güz BozkurtNot specified
Selma KutlugNot specified
Serdar YusufEren
Tarik TiryakiogluFeyyaz
Hilal KuvvetCanan
Sena PehlivanSelma Aslanli
Gülsah SusamNot specified
Sude OduncuNot specified
Ilayda SumakMerve Alsanli
Enes ÖzdemirNot specified

The main stars of “Ruzgarli tepe” play a pivotal role in bringing the characters to life. Gökberk Yildirim takes on the character of Halil, while Cemre Arda portrays the intelligent and multi-faceted Zeynep. The ensemble cast, featuring Dilek Aba, Adem Bal, Ilkay Güz Bozkurt, Selma Kutlug, Serdar Yusuf, Tarik Tiryakioglu, Hilal Kuvvet, Sena Pehlivan, Gülsah Susam, Sude Oduncu, and Ilayda Sumak, contributes to the richness and depth of the series. Their performances bring authenticity to the characters, making them relatable and memorable for the audience.


Set against the backdrop of a town, the plot of “Ruzgarli tepe” intricately weaves together the lives of Zeynep and Halil. Zeynep, the seemingly perfect daughter of a wealthy family, hides a fighter’s spirit beneath her princess-like image. Halil, raised in pain and struggle by his aunt, seeks retribution for the loss of his parents. The series explores their individual journeys, leading to a fateful encounter that sets the stage for a love story marked by hardship, tough decisions, and unknown challenges. As the characters navigate the complexities of their pasts, “Ruzgarli tepe” unfolds as a story full of drama and emotional depth.


Windy Hill,” the English translation of “Ruzgarli tepe,” offers viewers a glimpse into the thematic elements that drive the narrative. The series delves into profound themes of love, family, and the unpredictable nature of life. As the characters confront their pasts and forge ahead into an uncertain future, “Ruzgarli tepe” promises a thought-provoking and emotionally charged viewing experience.


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While specific details about the trailer are not provided, viewers can anticipate a captivating preview that teases the dramatic twists and turns awaiting them in Episode 26. The trailer is likely to showcase key moments, building anticipation and excitement for the upcoming episode.

Where to Watch

For viewers in Turkey, “Ruzgarli tepe” airs on Kanal 7. The specified release date and time offer a dedicated slot for fans to tune in and follow the unfolding drama. The show’s availability on Kanal 7 ensures that audiences can stay connected with the series and enjoy the latest developments in the lives of Zeynep and Halil.

FAQs for Ruzgarli tepe (2024) Turkish Drama Series

What is “Ruzgarli tepe” about?

“Ruzgarli tepe” revolves around the lives of Zeynep, a seemingly perfect daughter from a wealthy family, and Halil, a young man seeking retribution for the loss of his family. The series explores their individual journeys, the consequences of their decisions, and the unexpected challenges they face, ultimately leading to a love story filled with drama.

When does Episode 26 of “Ruzgarli tepe” release?

Episode 26 of “Ruzgarli tepe” is set to release on February 5, 2024, at 9 PM on Kanal 7.

Where can I watch “Ruzgarli tepe”?

“Ruzgarli tepe” airs on Kanal 7 in Turkey. Viewers can tune in to the specified release date and time to catch the latest episodes.

Who are the main stars of the series?

The main stars include Gökberk Yildirim as Halil, Cemre Arda as Zeynep, and Zeynep Serpil Bozkurt. The ensemble cast also features talented actors such as Dilek Aba, Adem Bal, Selma Kutlug, Serdar Yusuf, Tarik Tiryakioglu, Hilal Kuvvet, Sena Pehlivan, and more

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