salaar age limit/rating; 18 year olds, be careful, Prabhas’s dangerous movie is coming.

Prabhas’s movie Salaar, which is very popular to watch this movie, I want to talk about its age limit and writing, so we can tell you that it stars Meenakshi Choudhary and Prabhas. Excellent acting is done by

Although Prabhas’s movie Adi Purush which was released in 3D was very well received and people went to the cinema halls to watch it, it is seen that Prabhas’s movie Adi Purush could not become a superhit but This salaar movie Prabhas excellent acting, this movie will be seen in the top ten.

But it is seen that stay with us and keep getting information about Prabhas’s movie very well. At the same time, it is seen that the trailer of Prabhas’s movie has been released which people above 18 years of age can watch. can see

That means 18 plus people can watch it, whereas let us tell you that Prabhas’s movie will be released very well on 22nd December 2023, there are many other trending movies to watch in the theaters like Dinky. You will get to see it in trend

salaar age limit

Here you will be told about the age limit of Salaar that people of all ages can watch this film, it is seen only in India or abroad.

Although this film will be released worldwide, to watch it you should be above 18 years of age because there is a lot of suspense and a lot of action to watch in it, so let us tell you.

Very good acting has been done in Prabhas’s movie which means that only people above 18 years of age can watch the trailer of this movie and people above 18 years of age can also watch the movie along with their children i.e. Children under 18 years of age or 17 years of age should not watch the film.

salaar rating

salaar movie in which excellent acting has been done by Prabhas, at the same time it is seen that its writing is very good and you get to watch it very well, so from our side, this movie is given 9 out of 10 writing.

To see very good writing, there are not many days left for the film to be released, but the film will be released after a week i.e. on 22 December 2023, this film is available to watch in Prabhas and Meenakshi. Choudhary is seen acting

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