Selling Sunset Cast Net Worth 2024? report!!

“Selling Sunset,” Netflix’s acclaimed reality show, has become a cultural phenomenon, providing viewers with a glimpse into the opulent world of high-end real estate. As the show progresses into its seventh season, the dynamics of the cast have evolved, and with it, their individual net worths have witnessed significant shifts. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll meticulously break down the financial standings of each cast member, shedding light on their diverse sources of income and the factors contributing to their fortunes.

Selling Sunset Cast Net Worth 2024

Cast MemberNet Worth (2024)
Chrishell Stause$6 million
Heather Rae Young$3 million
Emma Hernan$3 million
Nicole Young$3 million
Bre Tiesi, Mary Fitzgerald,
& Amanza Smith
$1 million each
Chelsea Lazkani$500,000

The cast of Selling Sunset Season 7 boasts a diverse group of individuals, each contributing their unique talents and charisma to the show’s glamorous narrative. At the helm of it all are the formidable Jason and Brett Oppenheim, owners of The Oppenheim Group, and leaders of the spin-off “Selling The OC.” Despite their reserved on-screen personas, their real estate expertise has solidified their positions as masters of the Sunset Strip.

Leading the pack in terms of net worth is the multi-talented Chrishell Stause, with an impressive $6 million to her name. From her real estate triumphs to her memorable roles in soap operas like “Days Of Our Lives” and “All My Children,” Chrishell has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Her stint on “Dancing With The Stars” further showcased her versatility, adding to the layers of her financial success.

Heather Rae Young, who bid farewell to Selling Sunset after Season 6, has transitioned seamlessly into her own show, “The Flipping El Moussas,” alongside her husband, Tarek El Moussa. Formerly a Playboy model and Pilates instructor, Heather’s $3 million net worth reflects her journey from the world of entertainment to real estate royalty.

Newcomer Emma Hernan, valued at $3 million, not only brings her real estate expertise but also owns a plant-based food company, Emma Leigh & Co. Nicole Young, another seasoned real estate agent with over $100 million in sales, showcases her financial prowess with a net worth of $3 million. Her journey from guest appearances in earlier seasons to becoming a main cast member highlights her success story within the competitive real estate arena.

Bre Tiesi, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanza Smith, each with a net worth of $1 million, contribute to the camaraderie and dynamism of the show. Their varied careers in modeling, real estate, and interior design, respectively, illustrate the diversity within the cast. Lastly, the outspoken Chelsea Lazkani, with a net worth of $500,000, has stirred the pot with her unfiltered opinions, making her mark on the series.

Together, the cast of Selling Sunset Season 7 not only navigates the high-stakes world of real estate but also showcases the multifaceted nature of success in Los Angeles. Their net worths reflect not only their prowess in property deals but also their ability to leverage diverse opportunities, making each cast member a fascinating character in the ever-evolving narrative of Sunset Boulevard.

The Oppenheim Twins: Jason and Brett Oppenheim

The backbone of “Selling Sunset,” Jason and Brett Oppenheim, have not only successfully steered The Oppenheim Group to new heights but have also capitalized on their show’s popularity. As the leaders of the real estate empire, their net worth reflects the culmination of their business acumen, TV presence, and the recent expansion into “Selling The OC.”

Chrishell Stause: The Multifaceted Maven

Chrishell Stause, a standout personality on the show, transcends the confines of real estate. With a net worth of $6 million, she has not only thrived in property deals but has also carved a niche in the entertainment industry. We explore the various facets of Chrishell’s financial success, from her soap opera roles to her stellar performance on “Dancing With The Stars” and her savvy investments in the real estate market.

Heather Rae Young: Beyond “Selling Sunset”

Having bid adieu to “Selling Sunset” after Season 6, Heather Rae Young has ventured into her own show, “The Flipping El Moussas,” with her husband, Tarek El Moussa. We delve into Heather’s journey from Playboy model to Pilates instructor and real estate mogul, examining how her diverse background contributes to her $3 million net worth.

Emma Hernan and Nicole Young: Rising Stars in Real Estate

As newer additions to the cast, Emma Hernan and Nicole Young bring fresh perspectives to “Selling Sunset.” With both boasting a net worth of $3 million, we explore Emma’s foray into plant-based entrepreneurship and Nicole’s journey from a hesitant Season 1 guest to a mainstay with over $100 million in sales, unraveling the stories behind their financial success.

Bre Tiesi, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanza Smith: The Trio’s Million-Dollar Journey

The trio of Bre Tiesi, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanza Smith, each holding a net worth of $1 million, presents a compelling blend of personalities on “Selling Sunset.” We dissect Mary’s seasoned real estate expertise, Amanza’s background in interior design, and Bre’s transition from modeling to reality TV, showcasing how their distinct paths converge within the glamorous LA real estate scene.

Chelsea Lazkani: The Controversial Queen’s Impact

Known for her unfiltered thoughts and controversial statements, Chelsea Lazkani has quickly become a focal point of discussion on “Selling Sunset.” With a net worth of $500,000, we unravel the financial aspects of Chelsea’s real estate endeavors and the attention she has garnered through her bold presence on the reality series.


“Selling Sunset’s” Season 7 cast not only showcases the glitz and glam of LA’s real estate market but also underscores the diverse avenues to financial success within this competitive industry. From the strategic leadership of the Oppenheim twins to the multifaceted career of Chrishell Stause and the entrepreneurial ventures of other cast members, each individual contributes to the show’s allure. As viewers continue to be enthralled by the luxury listings and personal dramas, the cast’s net worths serve as a testament to the intricate interplay of ambition, talent, and opportunity in the world of high-stakes real estate. The show, with its ever-evolving dynamics, remains a captivating lens through which we witness the intersection of wealth, fame, and the pursuit of success in the City of Angels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast Net Worth

Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the owners of The Oppenheim Group. They are also leading the spin-off, “Selling The OC.”

What is Chrishell Stause’s net worth in 2024 and how did she accumulate it?

Chrishell Stause’s net worth is an impressive $6 million. Apart from her success in real estate, she has added to her wealth through acting in soap operas like “Days Of Our Lives” and “All My Children,” as well as her participation in the 29th season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Why did Heather Rae Young leave Selling Sunset, and what is her net worth in 2024?

Heather Rae Young left Selling Sunset after Season 6 but remains active with her own show, “The Flipping El Moussas.” Her net worth in 2024 is $3 million. Heather’s career includes being a former Playboy model and a Pilates instructor.

Who is Emma Hernan, and what contributes to her $3 million net worth in 2024?

Emma Hernan is a real estate agent and a cast member of Selling Sunset Season 7. She also owns a plant-based food company, Emma Leigh & Co., contributing to her $3 million net worth.

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