tejas movie age rating/limit?

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We are going to talk about the age limit of Tejas movie here. Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut is going to be seen acting in this film, which has been released in theaters on 27 October 2023. Do you like this film for children? Should it be shown or if your child is studying then what should be shown or not and finally what is the age limit set by the Indian Censor Board for Tejas Movie?

Especially for children and who should watch this movie, you get to see details about all these. Let us tell you that the movie has been directed by Tejas Movie director Sarvesh Mewar in which he has made this movie in a very good way. Presented in front of people since 2015 and people find it much more entertaining even while watching them.

Apart from this, it is a completely serious movie which succeeds in attracting your mind and in this you also get to see the war in which you can see the war being fought through fighter planes through Air Force planes. Come in which along with violence and fighting, we get to see a lot of diplomacy and other things.

Because of which this film also becomes a sensitive one, although for the Indian people it is a biography, due to which it is the biography of our soldier, so it should definitely be seen somewhere. Should this film be shown to your children and what is the opinion of the Censor Board about it? what to say let’s talk

tejas movie age rating

Tejas movie has been granted U/A certificate by the Indian Censor Board, which means that it is unrestricted adult, meaning there is no restriction of any kind for older people. According to the information, children below 12 years of age should not watch the film. If there is a 12 year old child then he can watch this movie along with his parents because in this movie many things are seen which may be incomprehensible to the children. The film has not been given any kind of restriction for adults.

Due to which people are able to enjoy this film, although an excellent story has been shared in the film, which somewhere seems to be telling a biography story about our past soldiers, along with this, you will also get to see the best war of the Air Force. get to see

And it has been shown with a different type of story line which you must watch or the film itself can be a very good film. Let me tell you, if anyone is a child above 12 years of age then he can watch this film. Can also enjoy more, especially if children go with their parents to watch the film, then it is even better for them.

Why people below 12 years should not watch Tejas movie

Anyway, till now no one has made any official announcement for children below 12 years, but based on the way the Sansar Board has given the rating to the film, then it is recommended for children below 12 years to watch this film. There may be a negative impact on their mind, although many other characters ranging from terrorism have been included in it.

In which fighter planes are seen fighting from one country to another, so this entire movie has been shown on this basis, so if anyone has a child above 12 years of age, then he can watch the movie along with his parents. Will be able to enjoy. The film has been directed by director Sarvesh Mewar.

And in the main star cast, Kangana Ranaut is seen acting at the level of Bollywood, although the film has received a lot of positive responses on Twitter, apart from this, a very high average rating is seen through many news portals on the internet, which is why the film. normalizes and keeps

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