The Cello (2023) Movie Budget & Hit or Flop Report

The film has been prepared with a budget of about $17 Million (EST) The Cello movie and the film will be released in theatres on 08 December 2023 Tickets for the film can be booked online at — where you can star Cast Jeremy Irons, Tobin Bell, Samer Ismail and The Cello will be seen acting. hollywood movie will be released in the Arabic, English language only, and its first day’s earnings can be around TBA

The Cello Movie Budget

production$10 Million (EST)
Cast + A$7 Million (EST)
talal budgets$17 Million (EST)

The Cello Movie Hit or Flop

hit or flopTBA
profit or lossTBA


How much budget was spent on the The Cello movie?

The Cello Movie has prepared the film with a budget of $17 Million (EST)

The Cello movies hit or flop?

Hit and Flop of The Cello movie is TBA

Who is the director of the The Cello movie?

The Cello movie director is Darren Lynn Bousman

When is the The Cello movie released in cinemas?

The Cello Movie will be released in cinemas on 08 December 2023

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